Offering Tarot and Oracle Readings!

I would like to announce that very soon I will be adding a page to my blog where you can purchase tarot or oracle reading from me, Maranda the Enchantress of Avalon!   The official launch of the page will be this Friday for anyone who wants a reading over the weekend.   There will be an option of several different spreads and different decks that I will read for you.   When you purchase I will perform the tarot or oracle reading and email you a video of me performing and interpreting the reading for you within 48 hours of purchase!   I will need anyone purchasing a reading to email with their first name and the question they would like a reading on before I can begin their personalized reading.

For some background, I want to say that I have been reading tarot and oracle for over 8 years now.   That being said, I have long known that I was a born Oracle and Mystic, making my decision to begin reading tarot and oracle an obvious and blessed one!   I began by reading several books and getting to know each of my decks intimately, journalling about the cards, and meditating with the cards.    Over time I began to do readings for my friends and my husband (I still read for my husband almost daily).   This became a tradition at many parties and gatherings of friends.   

I do hope that this feature is something that my readers both new and old will take much delight in!   I cannot wait to begin doing readings for my future clients.    Will you be getting personalized readings from me when this feature launches?   Let me know your thoughts on this new endeavor in the comments below!