The Faery Lifestyle

Me, Maranda, with my husband Andrew at our wedding

I have written several posts at this point that I have categorized within a category I have named The Faery Lifestyle. I must note that this was changed from its original name of “The Magical Lifestyle” as The Faery Lifestyle actually is the way I describe my way of viewing and living in the world! I felt that this was a more fitting terminology. On this page, I would like to explain what that means to me!

Living a Faery life is something I have worked at for some time, and I feel really drawn to share certain aspects of my outlook on life with others. Since I began writing this blog I have felt incredibly inspired to make positive changes in my life! Now, positive changes do not mean having such an overly optimistic outlook on life that all negatives are forgotten. While I have a very optimistic outlook on life, I do not turn away from the darkness. This is because to make positive changes in life we must look at the negative aspects and confront them!

I hope that by sharing some of my own experiences and outlook on situations I can inspire others to take steps to better their lives. I believe we all have a great deal of personal sovereignty that sometimes gets overlooked in order to just keep going. We find happiness by taking control of our lives and using our personal power! For me, this includes writing here on White Rose of Avalon, and indulging in other creative endeavors. In my creativity, I find solace and a feeling of coming home to my true self. I have also felt joy at the thought of inspiring others, and that is where writing these Faery Lifestyle pieces came from in the first place!

While we still live in a world that is filled with uncertainty that does not mean that we cannot find joy in small victories. As I said I do not think burying our heads in the sand about the darkness around us does any good, we must be honest and see it for what it is. However, I must add that we confront the darkness by embracing and acknowledging where the light is! This balance of darkness and light is what keeps the world running. Even in these bleak times, we must know that if we fight to keep moving forward a period of positivity and light can come!

I truly love to know when I have helped inspire others with my thoughts on living a Faery Lifestyle. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and on my posts, or by emailing me at! If you like this blog, you can also follow me on Twitter @AvalonEnchant!

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