Tarot and Oracle Readings

Personalized Tarot and Oracle Readings by Maranda, the Enchantress of Avalon!

After over 8 years of reading Tarot and Oracle for myself and my loved ones, I am ready to share my abilities with my amazing readers!


Celtic Cross Spread

This is one of the classic spreads in Tarot and Oracle that is a great go-to for those who want a really good overview of the situation!

5 Card Spread

This spread is slightly simpler than a Celtic Cross, but still gives a deeper view of the situation than a Past, Present, Future.

Past, Present, Future Spread

This is the classic three-card spread that tells you where you stand in the current situation that your life is taking!

Daily Tarot Companions Spread

In this spread that is ideal for daily use, we learn where the querent stands on the given day. We get to see the Experience card, the Guide card, and the Teacher card in order to learn what we are meant to know in the day ahead of us!