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Merlin Master of Magick Review

For today’s post, I am thrilled to be doing another book review of a book given to me by Crossed Crow Books!   The book I am reviewing today is Merlin Master of Magick by Gordon Strong.    I was really glad to be receiving a copy of a book about the famed Arthurian wizard!…

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A Faery’s Child, Leanan Sidhe as La Belle Dame Sans Merci

For today’s post, I have decided that I would go over one of my favorite poems yet again.   That’s right, I am doing another post about La Belle Dame Sans Merci!   Today I will be focusing on the Leanan Sidhe and how she is interpreted in this poem.     I have long…

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The Queen of Pentacles as Archetype

For today’s post, I will be discussing the Queen of Pentacles from Tarot in relation to her use as an archetype.   This is certainly very much related to my most recent archetype post on the Faery Herbalist Archetype.    The Queen of Pentacles is very simply the Queen who is associated with the Earth…

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