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Mystic Poem

For today’s post I have decided to share another poem. Mystic by Maranda Wabik Mystical and mythical Faeries and mermaids Are among us The world of the fae folk has empowered us Since the dawn of time Beings of nature worship And the elements Across time and cultures They have been protecting the earth The…

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Queen of Cups in Tarot

For today’s post I would like to discuss the Queen of Cups in Tarot.   The Queen of Cups represents the Queen of the Watery realm, as cups are the water suit of the tarot.    The Queen in tarot likewise is the court card associated with water. In this way the Queen of Cups…

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Playing With Faery Fire Poem

For today’s post I would like to share another poem. Playing with Faery Fire by Maranda Wabik Flutter and flick Timing is quick Need is rich For comforts of the Fae  It feels like a time for play Endless energy Breeds lethargy In mortals One should be wary Though they may not seem scary For…

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