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My Top 15 Essential Gothic Reads

Hello my lovely readers, and welcome to Gothic Week on White Rose of Avalon!   For day one I have decided to write up a list of my 15 essential Gothic reads.   This will not be a ranked countdown like most of my lists, as it is nearly impossible for me to choose a…

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YouTube Update

I just wanted to let everyone know I am in the process of uploading my video. I has to be in three parts because apparently my 31 minute video was too long for the level of account I have. I hope you will like Origins of Morgana le Fay parts 1-3!

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Announcing Gothic Week!

So I am announcing that the week leading up to Halloween is Gothic Week!   I plan on doing Gothic Week every year, and I hope you will enjoy joining me for Gothic Week 2021. This first year will focus on the Gothic in the form of Gothic literature and films.   So expect a…

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