Lizzie Siddal as Inspiration for Lucy Westernra

For today’s entry in Gothic Week I have chosen a bit of a unique topic.    I want to look at how Bram Stoker may have been inspired by Lizzie Siddal when he wrote the character of Lucy in Dracula.   It has been said that Stoker was living in London (when he moved from…

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Sleepy Hollow as Iconic American Gothic

For today’s entry in Gothic Week I have decided to choose one of the essential American Gothic tales.   Sleepy Hollow tells the tale of school teacher Ichabod Crane as he maneuvers his new role in the town of Sleepy Hollow, in upstate New York!    When arriving in Sleepy Hollow he meets the lovely…

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My Top 5 Gothic Films Not Based on Books

For today’s entry into Gothic Week I have chosen to do a list of Gothic films, not based on books.   Once again the films will not be ranked, instead just a list of what to watch for a taste of the Gothic! Meridian (1990) ~This 90s classic, of a sort, starred Sherilyn Fenn, and…

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My Top 15 Essential Gothic Reads

Hello my lovely readers, and welcome to Gothic Week on White Rose of Avalon!   For day one I have decided to write up a list of my 15 essential Gothic reads.   This will not be a ranked countdown like most of my lists, as it is nearly impossible for me to choose a…

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YouTube Update

I just wanted to let everyone know I am in the process of uploading my video. I has to be in three parts because apparently my 31 minute video was too long for the level of account I have. I hope you will like Origins of Morgana le Fay parts 1-3!

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Announcing Gothic Week!

So I am announcing that the week leading up to Halloween is Gothic Week!   I plan on doing Gothic Week every year, and I hope you will enjoy joining me for Gothic Week 2021. This first year will focus on the Gothic in the form of Gothic literature and films.   So expect a…

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Rocky Horror: The Ultimate Cult Classic

In 1975 American audiences were introduced to an already iconic stage show from England when it was produced as a film.    That film was Rocky Horror Picture Show.   It starred Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Barry Bosworth as Brad Majors, and Susan Sarandon as Janet Weis!   It was directed by the original…

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Morgana Le Fay as La Belle Dame Sans Merci

For today’s post I would like to analyze the poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci by John Keats.   This particular analysis will focus on my belief that the Belle Dame of the poem is none other than Morgan Le Fay! Within the poem we meet a knight who is lying near death and tells…

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Sally Skellington: Pumpkin Queen

Most people who read this blog will know I adore Tim Burton’s work, and especially Nightmare Before Christmas!   So for today’s Femme Fatale Friday here at White Rose of Avalon I will discussing Sally Skellington.   Sally was the lead female of this film, and she is getting her own continuation novel (due out…

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Morgana as Vampire Faerie

Today’s post will be one that I have been thinking about since I first saw Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty.   It is my favorite ballet of all time, and I loved that he used the premise of faeries also being vampires in order to allow the prince and Aurora to fall in love before the…

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