Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey Book Review

For today’s post, I am happy to say that I am doing my second book review of a book that was given to me for review by Crossed Crow Books!   I want to take a moment to thank the publisher Crossed Crow Books for giving me a free digital copy of Witchcraft and the Shamanic Journey by Kenneth Johnson.    I have to say I am very happy that I have read this book.   I have thoroughly enjoyed both Crossed Crow books I have read so far.   However, I will admit that I enjoyed this second book even more than the first!

This book is one that is both a great history of witchcraft and shamanism as well as being a treasure of comparative religion!   I feel that this book takes a lot of inspiration from the works of Joseph Campbell and Katharine Briggs (with her faery lore books).   He makes excellent reference to other great scholars of folklore and faery lore throughout the book.    I adored how he told stories of different witches and faeries throughout the course of the work as he was layering in his thoughts about how witchcraft and shamanism are entwined.    He had some excellent practical exercises included that built upon his scholastic insights.    I loved getting to read stories that were about actually historic figures, as well as popular folkloric figures, that solidified the author’s understanding of comparative religions.

I honestly feel that this book is an excellent read for anyone who is a magical practitioner, a scholar of mythology, or a scholar of faery lore.   It stands as a great resource of knowledge for all of these things.   I believe it should be placed on shelves next to the likes of Joseph Campbell and Katharine Briggs for its insights and further expansion in the fields of comparative religion and faery lore!    I cannot recommend this book highly enough!   I want to express my gratitude for being able to read and review such a well-written book at the request of Crossed Crow Books.   I hope you have enjoyed this short review.   Will you consider picking up a copy of this excellent book? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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