Royal History

Lamia by John William Waterhouse

The topic of the lives and loves of royals is an important subject on this blog! The stories of kings and queens is very fun to read. I am particularly fond of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, and Elizabeth Woodville and Edward IV! It is always fun to read about kings marrying commoners for true love.

Other royals of great interest are figures such as Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, Cleopatra, and Louis XIV. There are, of course, posts focusing on famous royal mistresses as well! The story of royals in love, after having to contend with arranged marriages is always one of interest, and scandal.

Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville are kind of the ultimate royal love story! They had a marriage based on love, and lust, had ten children together, and ruled together for 19 years! They were the parents of the Princes in the Tower, and after the death of Edward IV Richard III usurped the throne. The first born child they had together would go on to be the mother of the Tudor dynasty after her marriage to Henry VII.

Henry VIII is most remembered as the king who had six wives. He divorced two of them, had two of them beheaded, one died of childbed fever, and the final one outlived him (only to later die of childbed fever as well). He would move heaven and earth to marry Anne Boleyn, and they fought for several years to gain his freedom from his first marriage to Katherine of Aragon! This story ended sadly as Anne Boleyn was the first wife he executed, and the second wife he executed was Katheryn Howard (Anne Boleyn’s first cousin)! Jane Seymour is often seen as his ideal wife because she finally gave him a son. Anne of Cleves is the wife he divorced for not being able to view her as attractive. Katharine Parr was his final wife, and was an amazing step-mother!

Elizabeth I would prove that her father’s obsession with a son was unwarranted. She ruled England during a Golden Age of exploration and culture! A queen who needed no husband, and ruled alone for 45 years! Mary Queen of Scots was a cousin to Elizabeth with a claim to the throne, and eventually Elizabeth would have her executed to prevent losing her crown. Mary was the mother of James VI of Scotland, and he would become James I of England after the death of Elizabeth I!

I hope you enjoy my royal history posts, and I appreciate any and all comments! I hope you enjoy your time here at White Rose of Avalon!

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