My Top 5 Favorite The Originals Couples

For today’s post, I have decided to share a countdown of my five favorite couples from The Originals.   As much as I love The Vampire Diaries, I have to admit that my favorite TVD Universe show is actually The Originals!   That is why I thought that this would be a fun list to do.   I want to briefly note that I decided that I would only choose one relationship per character, so that competing ships for that character were not represented on this list.   That means that only my favorite relationship for each character are shown here!

Number 5: Freya & Keelin 

~The story of Freya, Original Witch sister, and the young beautiful werewolf Keelin is such a sweet arch.   Freya begins by using Keelin, but soon finds herself feeling for this woman who is strong and self-assured.   The wedding between the two is so adorable.   

Number 4: Hayley & Jackson

~Now, I know that this one will come as a surprise for many fans of the show.   Most people prefer Hayley with Elijah, and I will admit that I could see the chemistry from the very beginning of the first season.   However, I have to say that the introduction of Jackson earned some real competition.   I adored the way that Hayley and Jackson interacted and ended up forming a really strong bond and real marriage.   I was very happy to see that when Hayley died she ended up in the afterlife with Jackson and their Pack!   It seemed that in death they got to finally have time together without the looming of Elijah.   

Number 3: Kol & Davina

~The relationship between the wild child Original brother and the powerful Harvest Girl Witch Davina was one that seemed to come about naturally due to shared interests and real chemistry.    I loved that in the beginning Kol was in a witch body and they were able to bond over magick and that as time went on she would stop at nothing to resurrect him!   I love that he was equally willing to sacrifice anything to get her back.   It seemed like a truly loving and trusting relationship built on loyalty between the two!

Number 2: Rebekah & Marcel

~Rebekah and Marcel are the epic sweeping love story centuries in the making of this series.    The evolution and complexity of the relationship is something that made me adore them.   I truly appreciated their ability to always come back to one another over the course of the seasons and I was truly happy that they got to finally have a happily ever after!   I am really happy that we got this complex relationship threaded through the whole of this series.

Number 1: Klaus & Caroline

~No other couple could have been my number one!   Now I do realize this may be seen as a bit of a cheat, as first off the couple formed a bond on The Vampire Diaries and secondly they did not have scenes together on this show until the final season.   However, I feel that although they never got to be in an official relationship, they were acting as lovers throughout their interactions in the final season.   Their emotions were on full display and they obviously wanted to be able to finally get together, hinting at Klaus fulfilling his promise to be her “Last Love.”   At the end, we did get a final kiss that was heart warming and heart wrenching in equal measure!

~I hope that you have enjoyed this countdown.   Who is your favorite couple from this show?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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