Cottage Witch Poem

For today’s post, I have decided to share a poem that I wrote about hearth-based magic!

Cottage Witch

by Maranda Wabik

Hearth and home

A safe place to land

This place of freedom

Somewhere to be who I am

Without fear of recrimination 

The bohemian, gypsy soul

Taking to the cottage

A family built to support

And have a flow of love

Even if lacking blood ties

A witchy free-spirit

Whose love will inspire

Those in the home

To their best potential!

The witch and the sorcerer

Will protect and empower their chosen kin

A home without dull moments

Forever having adventures

Neverending learning to be

Our best selves

A gypsy soul with a wild heart

But always one to build a safe place to land!

~I hope you have enjoyed this poem.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!