My Favorite Comfort TV Shows

For today’s post, I have chosen to do a countdown of my favorite shows to watch when I need some relaxation!   Comfort shows are old and reliable favorites that will never cease to bring comfort to a wounded soul!    I have long been a fan of re-watching shows, and these are my all-time favorites to provide comfort.   For the record, the top three of this list happen to be my absolute favorite television shows of all time!   On a side note, I have excluded some other favorites like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies.   Those are great shows, but not as comforting as these. 

Number 5: Merlin (2009)

 ~I love this adaptation of the Arthurian legends!   To be honest, I mostly watch this for Katie McGrath’s performance as Morgana.   She is excellent as the half-sister of King Arthur, even if it takes the common theme of her being evil.   Morgana becomes evil for an understandable reason, and this makes her relatable.   I just love Morgana as the badass faery Goddess, the last priestess figure!    It both relates to her traditional interpretation, and adds interesting layers!   I am so glad that I began watching this show, as it has now become one of my ultimate comfort shows.

Number 4: Once Upon a Time (2011)

 ~This one takes a unique interpretation of fairytales.   It merges the concepts of many famous tales, and makes them fresh!   It is a show I have loved for years now, and it is a magical journey to comfort!

Number 3: Gilmore Girls (2000)

 ~I watched this one growing up, and always adored the witty repartee.   It is one that I still can watch on repeat to feel comfort.   I adore Lorelai, and always said that when I become a mother, she will be my idol of maternal love!

Number 2: Bewitched (1964)

 ~I absolutely love this witchy supernatural comedy that began in the 1960s!   It is such a fun show, and I am so happy to watch it whenever I feel down.   I even took my love for the show when I chose to have the theme as my ringtone, and the “witch twitch” as my text tone!   And yes, I did practice the nose twitch, and I am quite proud that I mastered it as a little girl!

Number 1:Charmed (1998)

 ~The original Charmed has been my favorite show since it premiered when I was just a little girl!   I followed the show for its entire eight-year run, and I still re-watch it regularly.   I felt an immediate connection to the badass witches, and I love the fun of this classic 90s show.    It is a fun and magical ride that never ceases to be enjoyable, whether on the first watch or the hundredth!   

~I hope you have enjoyed this list.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!