The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might

For today’s post, I have chosen to do another book review on an amazing book I recently finished reading.   As regular readers of my blog will not be surprised it was a book on yet another Celtic Goddess!   This time the focus was placed on the Morrigan, one of the most powerful, and oft-misunderstood, Goddesses of ancient Ireland.    I had to read this book because I had already read the author, Courtney Weber’s, book on Hekate (which I thoroughly enjoyed).

Another reason I chose this particular title was that the Morrigan is often connected to Morgan le Fay.    The author did mention this, and she stated that she personally does not see them as connected but she is more than willing to be open to others seeing them as one and the same.    I appreciated her honesty and her openness to the opinions of others.   This serves to not dismiss the personal experiences of her readers.    I personally do feel they are connected, even without any concrete proof.   I feel Morgana was worshipped across the Celtic world, making her connection to other deities a sensible link.   But I am open to people who feel that there is no connection between the two!

Now let’s get into the content of the book, a little.   The author breaks down the book into sections based on different aspects of this complex Goddess.   I enjoyed this way of formatting the text.   I was also a fan of her short recaps of important myths that the Morrigan is featured in.   This book is great for both the novice, who does not know much of the Morrigan and the experienced student of the Goddess alike!   I will not be going into further detail here, in order to not spoil the unique magick of this tome for my readers.   I will merely state that I highly recommend this book to any readers who love Celtic myths!

I hope you have enjoyed this short review, and also hope that you will give this book a read.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is the book cover.   I personally really love the cover of this book!   I found the image on

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