Faery Ancestry

For today’s post, I have decided to take a look at the concept of having Faery ancestors.    I know that I have Faery blood in my bloodline, which is unsurprising given that I have Irish ancestry on my mother’s side.   Female Faery ancestry in the Motherline is even more powerful, in my opinion.    For those who are curious as to whether they may have some Faery ancestry themselves, I would recommend looking into family trees (to see if family surnames have a connection to a Faery figure).   But ultimately, I have found the best way is to contact the specific Faery figure that you believe you may be related to in meditation!   Below I am going to take brief looks at three of my ancestresses.    

Melusina: Melusina is the Faery woman of French and German lore who has her lineage in Avalon, as her mother was born there, and was raised there after the end of her parent’s marriage.   Upon learning of her father’s betrayal of her mother, she plotted to kill him.   That is how she became cursed to spend every Saturday as a mermaid.   She met her own husband while tending a fountain and married him with the promise he would never see her on Saturdays, but he would ultimately betray her, as her father had betrayed her mother!    She would retreat to Avalon, after taking the form of a Dragon and flying away from her husband.   Melusina would still spend time with her children when her husband was not around, and would even become a banshee-like figure mourning the deaths in her line with wailing!

Aine: Aine is an Irish Faery Queen Goddess of Summer and the Sun, but is also later associated with the Moon.   Similarly to Melusina, she has a mermaid form in her maiden aspect (as she is a triple Goddess).   She is most often seen to be a protecting figure who helps people heal from trauma, especially abuse, and assault, as she famously took revenge on her own assailant in order to work through trauma in her myths!    She is a powerfully optimistic figure in this way, as well as being known to have sired many half-Faery offspring as part of her Love Goddess and sexual associations!

Maeve: Maeve is an Irish Faery Queen Goddess who is a true warrior in mentality.   She is known as a Goddess associated with intoxication, including intoxicating substances as well as intoxicating sexual allure.   It is her allure and sexually voracious appetites that make it true that she had many many half-Faery offspring.   She is a badass motherly character who is as associated with war as she is with sexuality, leading her to be a mother many times!

~I hope that you have enjoyed this exploration of three of my Faery ancestresses.   I have developed bonds with each of these Faery Goddesses due to my relation to them and I find connecting to ancestors that are not just human to be a worthwhile time for Faery witches!   Do you believe that you have any Faery blood?    Do you know any of your spiritual ancestors?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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