In the Shadow of 13 Moons Book Review

For today’s post, I am very happy to be doing another review of a book kindly given to me by Crossed Crow Books in order to review here on White Rose of Avalon!   I am reviewing the book In the Shadow of 13 Moons by Kimberly Sherman-Cook.   I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this exploration of moon magick with its focus on Dark Moon energy.

I loved how the book was broken up into thirteen lunar keys for deepening into magical connection to the dark aspect of the moon instead of focusing on the full moon’s energy.   She does note in the beginning that this book does assume magical knowledge on the part of the reader, as there is no explanation of the basic magical theory, so it is not suitable for beginners, but rather those looking to expand their current practice.   I truly appreciate when an author mentions that their work is not intended for someone with no knowledge of the craft, as it is beneficial to state this plainly.   The author gets major bonus points from me for the fact that she mentioned the importance of the Dark Moon to Avalonian witchcraft.    She even said that she is an Avalonian Priestess herself, making her point of view one that is not dissimilar to my own.   This book makes great use of comparative mythology from around the world when suggesting different Dark Deities to work with.   There is also a great usage of tarot meanings and archetypes in order to help the reader understand the usage of the lunar keys!   The book has a large resource of appendices at the end of the text that will be very helpful for those beginning the journey of using the information in the book.   

The beauty of this book is that you are learning how to explore different aspects of the moon and lunar energy and how to utilize Shadow Work to build a more powerful practice for yourself.   She gives a lot of personal anecdotes on the way to explaining how she went about discovering her own unique brand of Shadow Work.   The basis of this work is the focus on the magical power of the moon as it holds sway over our emotions, our fertility, and our creativity.   I am so happy that I read this book as it has many helpful exercises that can be used over the course of a year, the 13 moons of the title refers to the 13 lunar cycles of the calendar year.   The author encourages her readers to take the time to deepen into the Dark Moon energies and use the exercises over the course of a year or even longer in order to make the largest impact on their magical practice.   

I feel that this book would be an awesome read for anyone who is interested in deepening their own connection to the moon, as well as the desire to confront their Shadow to embrace all aspects of themselves!    I hope that you have enjoyed this review.    Do you plan to read this excellent book?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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