Astrology and the Wheel of the Year

For today’s post, I have decided that I would discuss how Astrology relates to the Wheel of the Year.   Both the Sun in the different signs and the Wheel of the Year are both ruled by the turning of the Sun through the year.   So for this post, I will be going over the concept of each Sun sign that is empowered in a given time period that would influence how each holiday is celebrated!   There is a lot of energy associated with each of the signs and the ruling planet of said sign that impacts how we celebrate the holiday that falls within this alignment.   I will be going over each holiday on the Wheel of the Year, in turn, to discuss how astrological energy relates to the day.

Samhain: The Witch’s New Year falls firmly in the middle of the Sun being in Scorpio.    The Sun is in Scorpio from roughly October 23 through November 1.   This gives the holiday its deep and dark inner Shadow Journey feeling.   That is why the thinning of the veil makes us feel a deeper connection to other realms, especially those of the dead.   Scorpio is a sign associated with the unconscious, the Underworld, secrecy, and the dark waters of the soul.

Yule: The Midwinter Solstice falls somewhere between the Sun in Sagittarius and the Sun in Capricorn.   As the holiday falls cusping two signs it gets energy from both of these signs.   Capricorn is an ambitious sign that strives for high achievements.   Sagittarius is lively, passionate, smart, and even philosophical.   The combinations of these two energy types certainly seem very present during the Winter Solstice when we are celebrating family and having a lot of fun with the return of the Sun’s return of light after months of darkness!

Imbolc: St. Brigid’s Day falls firmly in the middle of the time when the Sun is in Aquarius.   Aquarian energy is the energy of the zodiac itself, and it is often this energy that pushes us to study astrology.   That is also why during the Age of Aquarius so many people gained a deeper desire to study these more esoteric subjects.   Aquarius is a teacher and it is time for us to grow and learn.   This energy of growth and learning is embodied by the power of the burgeoning of Spring as this Fire Festival is celebrated.   Brigid is an intense Goddess energy as Keeper of the Flame and Waters who is celebrated for her ability to teach us about our own growth!

Ostara: The Vernal or Spring Equinox falls sometime between the Sun in Pisces and the Sun in Aries.   Meaning that this holiday also influences by both signs’ energies.   Pisces is the watery emotional energy of the healing and magical nature of water.    Aries is the fiery and passionate energy of masculine sexual energy and warlike fire.   Both of these energies are powerful in embodying the innate magick of this Equinox.   This is a time of love in bloom and both the watery energy of emotions and the fiery energy of sexual attraction!

Beltane: Beltane falls firmly in the middle of the time when the Sun is in Taurus.   Taurus is a sign that is associated with the abundance that brings solid security.    Fertility is at the crux of the fire festival known as Beltane, which links it to this prosperous energy of Taurus.    It is a time when the world is growing in fertility and abundance of plant and animal life and by extension a time when humans further desire to procreate themselves.

Midsummer: Litha, the Summer Solstice, falls sometime between the Sun in Gemini and the Sun in Cancer.   This gives the holiday energies from both signs.   Gemini is a sign of balance of opposites and Cancer is a sign of emotions centered in the familial realm.   The linking of both of these energies brings about a holiday that is all about the celebration of the beauty of the land and enjoying the comfort and company of your family and loved ones!

Lughnasadah: The First Harvest Festival falls firmly in the middle of the time when the Sun is in Leo.   This fiercely sunny energy is the last breath of fire before the year begins to darken.   It is a powerfully optimistic day as you embrace the last burning embers of light to help light the way through the dark of Winter!    The Lion roars its ferocious pride during this last Summery warmth before Autumn begins to take hold.

Mabon: The Autumnal Equinox falls at the end of the time when the Sun is in Virgo.   This gives the holiday a very high amount of Virgo energy, but maybe even a small portion of cusping Libra energy.   This final holiday of the Wheel of the Year is one of balancing dark and light, just as the Vernal Equinox is, but this time the balance is met in the sign of Virgo.    The energy of Virgo is one of analytical intellect and perfectionistic drives.     This is a time to plan out the rest of your year and begin to embrace the Season of the Witch that will come to fruition at Samhain.   With the slight Libra energy, you get the energy of balance and harmony within yourself.   It is a time of embracing the maiden (as Virgo is symbolically associated with Persephone and Astrea) as she begins her descent into the depths of the Underworld!

~I hope that you have enjoyed my analysis of how the Wheel of the Year and Astrology can be linked.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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