My Top 5 Favorite Evan Peters Performances on American Horror Story

For today’s post, I have decided to do a countdown of my top five character portrayals by Evan Peters in American Horror Story.   Now, Evan Peters is always a highlight of the series, and all of his performances are incredible, but I limited myself to the top five here!   Without further ado, here’s day three of Horror Week!   

Number 5: Kai Anderson (AHS: Cult)

~This season is one I still cannot rewatch because of the sheer terror of the realistic horror shown.   Kai hit really close to home, as he is a depiction of someone who could easily gain power through starting a cult in real life!   All of Evan Peter’s cult leader portrayals in this season were amazing, of course.   But the sheer fear that Kai instills is what ranked him here!

Number 4: Jimmy Darling (AHS: Freakshow)

~Jimmy is one of the more sympathetic characters on this show.   He begins the season really trying to get justice for the Freaks.   Yes, he makes seriously violent mistakes at times, but he is a character with his heart in the right place, and even gets a rare happy ending!

Number 3: Tate Langdon (AHS: Murder House & Apocalypse)

~The first character played by Evan Peters is one of the most deeply troubled on the show.   He was a teenager who would set his stepfather on fire and then shoot up his own school!    Later that day, he would go on to be shot down by police, forever trapping his soul in the Murder House.   This is how he meets Violet in the first place and how their romance began.   Of course, he would also impregnate her mother (when the woman thought it was her husband in the rubber suit) and lie to Violet about being her dead!   It is a wonder that she could forgive him in Apocalypse, but then again that timeline was rewritten, so maybe the question does not matter.

Number 2: Kit Walker (AHS: Asylum)

~Kit is a very kind man who is unfairly accused of murdering his wife when they were abducted by aliens in truth.   He goes to the Asylum with people thinking he is the serial killer, Bloody Face, eventually getting out when the true killer is found.   He goes on to raise two exceptional children (when their mothers die) who had both been born due to alien interference.   In the end, he disappeared when he was terminally ill, possibly abducted again.

Number 1: James Patrick March (AHS: Hotel & Apocalypse)

~At the exact opposite end of the spectrum from Peters’ sympathetic characters is James Patrick March.   He was a serial killer who built the Hotel Cortez in order to have his own Murder Palace (much like HH Holmes, one of the people who inspired the character).   He would go on to marry the Countess and she reveled in his lust for blood, one of the only things she could stand about him!   Eventually, he would kill himself instead of being arrested, never finishing his 10 Commandments Killings, which he would pass on to his ultimate protégée.   It is shown that even as a ghost, he inspired and taught killers who stayed at the Hotel, and would still kill and host a feast on Hell Night for dead killers!   This is for me the ultimate portrayal Evan Peters had on the show!

~I hope you have enjoyed this list.  Did I include your favorite Evan Peters character?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!