My Top 5 Favorite Kathy Bates Performances on American Horror Story

For today’s post, I will be ranking Kathy Bates’ top five characters in American Horror Story, in my opinion.  To be clear, as with all the lists this week, I do not believe she gave any bad performances, she is an incredible talent, and this list just happens to feature the performances I enjoyed the most ranked. So without further ado, here is the second post in Horror Week!     

Number 5: Ms. Miriam Meade (AHS: Apocalypse)

~Ms. Meade is the satanist who ends up raising Michael Langdon after Constance committed suicide.   At the beginning of the season, we see her working with Ms. Venable running the Outpost.   It is revealed that this version of Ms. Meade is really a robot, and the real one was put to death by the Coven!   It is a very interesting and layered performance.

Number 4: Ethel Darling (AHS: Freakshow)

~The bearded lady is the right-hand woman and best friend of Elsa Mars.   She is also the mother of Lobster Boy, Jimmy.   She is a woman who proved that she was a badass not to be trifled with.  The accent that Kathy Bates flawlessly used is one of the highlights of this performance.

Number 3: Iris (AHS: Hotel)

~Iris is one of the great mother characters in the series.   She literally gave up everything in order to be there for her son!   While she took it to unhealthy levels, at least she tried to be a good mother to her son, even when that meant letting him be turned into a vampire!

Number 2: The Butcher (AHS: Roanoke)

~While I could have instead featured the character who played the Butcher in the reenactments on this list, I found this portrayal to be truly incredible and frightful!   Kathy Bates is truly awesome at playing a crazy murderer, after all. 

Number 1: Delphine LaLaurie (AHS: Coven)   

~Madame LaLaurie is one of many characters based on real people in the series.   She was a New Orleans socialite that became a serial killer who tortured and killed many slaves!   In this series, she was cursed by Marie Laveau (also a real New Orleans historical figure) to have immortality in vengeance for murdering Marie’s lover.   She is dug up in the modern day and has to contend with her racist attitudes!   Kathy Bates gave an incredible performance for her first season on the show!

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.   Who is your favorite Kathy Bates American Horror Story Character?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!