The Importance of an Active Lifestyle

For today’s post I would like to look at the importance of living an active life.    For me this includes my daily yoga, dancing, and walking (I am a pedestrian and take the stairs whenever possible).    When I was on my honeymoon, in Salem, I absolutely adored that we could walk basically anywhere we wanted to go!    Being in a city that is old and laid out in a way that makes it easier to walk than drive certainly helps one to be active more regularly.

Even in less well laid out areas you can make choices that increase your daily activity level.   As I already mentioned taking the stairs instead of elevators or escalators is a healthy choice.   Making time, in the morning especially, to do something active is a great way to start off the day on the right foot.    For me this means my morning yoga, which is perfect for me to gain energy for the day ahead!     It also has a bonus purpose of stretching out any stiff areas in the body, from sleep.

While cleaning and cooking I love to play music, and am known to dance around the house as I work.    This makes boring chores much more fun, and get the blood pumping at the same time!   Little things like this help keep you feel a little bit better, and keep the body working better.

If you live a distance from work, but not very far, you can always opt for a bike ride in.    I unfortunately do not have this option, as I am a bit too far from my work to bike in (and definitely too far to walk), however I do take the bus (or my husband is so kind to drive me when his schedule allows).   The walk to and from the bus terminal helps with keeping me active though.   This choice of walking, biking, or taking the bus does take more time management than driving.    You need to allot in time for the travel as well as a little extra time in case of unexpected delays (poor weather or a late bus).    I personally do not have issues with this as I am always a tad early, but I felt I should mention it.   Every little bit of extra activity helps, even if it is simply standing up when you can sit at work.

Finally I want to mention a fun way to keep active, and that is to go to the gym, or yoga class, with a friend or lover!    Having another person there will both encourage you, and create a little bit of competition (keeping you motivated to continue).   My husband and I have done both of these, yoga classes at music festivals and in studio, and going to the gym together.    Unfortunately the pandemic stopped us from continuing the gym together, but we are both still keeping active.    I hope that when things get better we may begin the gym time together again!

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s post, and maybe even been inspired to become a little more active.    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!