It’s Love Week

Maranda and Andrew (myself and my fiancé) in June of 2018 before going to see The Taming of the Shrew at the Gaslight Theater!

Hello, my dear readers!    One week from today is Valentine’s Day, and I am declaring this week Love Week,here at White Rose of Avalon!    Over the next seven days my posts will have the running theme of love and romance.    This may mean posts about historical loves, or about legendary and fairytale partnerships.     I hope you will join me each day as I post about my favorite love stories.   This is a topic very close to my heart as I am a hopeless romantic, and especially so now as I am planning my wedding to the love of my life!    I cannot wait for us to be husband and wife, and this makes me ever more eager to share the love with everybody!     So whether you are single, married, or in a state where “it’s complicated” revel for a while in the great romances of yesteryear!

~Please stop by each day for new posts about love all week long!!!

Note: Below is a poem I wrote last year when my fiancé and I first got engaged, and this seems like the perfect place to share it!


A romantic speech of

Words from the heart.

A question asked for

Us never to part.

A beautiful ring and

So much love to be seen!

A private moment before

The public knows.

Then it is time to 

Shout out the truth.

Two hearts intertwined,

Two souls who have loved through time,

Two people becoming one in spirit.

Now is the first day of a new chapter.

Soon the town souls will be

Tied together forevermore!