The Faery Herbalist Archetype

For today’s post, I have decided to go over another archetype that I have been working with a lot lately as another entry into my Faery Lifestyle series!   I will be calling this archetype the Faery Herbalist.    This is the archetype I have found activating within myself as I have been working more intimately with herbs daily (even though Green Witchery has been a staple of my craft since the beginning, along with Watery Witchery).   This working with herbs daily as part of my herbalism course has made my innate nature as a Faery Witch all the more pronounced!

Each time I begin to work with a new herb, I begin by meditating with the herb, drinking teas of the herb, and using my Herbal Astrology Oracle to further feel into the innate nature of the herb.    Taking an herbalism course with the amazing certified herbalist Suzanne O’Gara has had an amazing impact on my life thus far.

I can feel my Faery nature expanding as I begin to make herbs an even larger part of my daily life.    Herbalism has been something I have long been working with for many reasons.    I like that I can continue to grow my knowledge and evolve my practice using my intuition to guide me!    The deep and intrinsic connection I feel to plant life, even my eating a primarily plant-based diet, is part of my Faery soul.

I love that when I am working with herbs and plants I can feel that I am being more true to myself.    Walking barefoot in the grass, picking flowers and herbs, and feeling the air ripple through my hair on windy days are all ways to easily ignite my Faery blood.   Collecting plants, gardening, and leaving offerings to my Fae folk friends and guardians are all also great ways to connect to the Faery Herbalist archetype!

Faery and Herbalist archetypes combine to make me feel more like the Enchantress of Avalon that I am in my soul and my blood.   Using my intuition and expanding wisdom to brew oils and elixirs and growing my skillset and relationship with plants allow me to empower myself and give a better baseline of knowledge to my craft.   I hope you have enjoyed this short post about my new archetype that I have been feeling into.   Do you feel a resonance with this archetype?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Further Reading

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