Power Colors

For today’s post, I have decided that I would focus on the importance of finding your power colors.    Your power color or colors are ones that make you feel empowered when you wear them.   These colors make you feel the most comfortable in your own skin!    They may be colors that you are attracted to due to their symbolism or because you find out that they are associated with your astrological makeup or even because they were colors that look good on you due to colorology.

For my Power Colors, I have a huge love of Purple and that is my primary power color, but I also have other power colors like Pale Gold and Silver, as I am attracted to metallic colors.   Green is an important color for me because of its nature as a color of the natural world (as I am connected to the Earth element through being a Virgo Sun and Moon).    It is Green that I love from the Earth element as opposed to brown because it is muddier in nature.   Finally, White is a power color for me because of its spiritual nature of purity and eternity.   The ethereal nature of each of these colors is what makes them powerful to me.   I will note that Pink is another favorite color of mine, but it is not a powerful color as much as Purple (as I view Purple as powerful in a way that Pink feels more soothing).   

Purple, Pale Gold, Silver, Green, and White are all ethereal Faery natured colors.   Pale Gold and Silver are metallic and make me think of the stars, Sun, and Moon.   Pale Gold also relates to my astrological chart and the fact that I am a Leo Rising, which is ruled by the Sun and therefore relates this to the Pale Gold and Solar energy of the color.   Purple is a color of Royalty and makes me think of Faery Queens, as well as being a watery color of wells and streams, Silver also has a watery connection for me.   Green is a color of the Wildwood and is forever associated with Faery Folk of all orders.   White is a color of many Faery animals and has an Otherworldy quality of eternity and purity of spirit.  

I truly believe that each of us has several colors that help us feel powerful.   It only takes reflection and some mild Shadow Work to discover what colors make us feel empowered.   Then we only need to find ways to incorporate them into our lives.   This is easily done in decor and wardrobe.   I hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the concept of power colors.   Do you know your power colors?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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