Elemental Yoga

For today’s post, I have decided to discuss another way to get in touch with your primary element.   Elemental yoga is yoga-themed to a specific element.    As a lifelong yoga practitioner, it only makes sense that I have tried countless types of yoga.    I am a huge fan of yoga that is based on the elements, and I love water yoga best.

As a watery person, which I have explained more in-depth in my finding your element post, I am drawn to fluid and flowing yoga practices.   This can be found in any type of yoga but is prevalent in vinyasa yoga since vinyasa simply means linking breath to movement.   Vinyasa classes, even those that are not focused on an element have a tendency towards fluid and flowing movements!   

Water yoga tends to also utilize a mandala-style approach to the class.   Mandala yoga just means that during the flowing movement you are literally moving around your mat in a circular pattern, just as traditional mandalas are painted and drawn!   Fluid-style yoga helps the practice flow quickly for me, and I do not wonder “how much longer” or “when can I move to a new posture.”   This may be true, at least in part, because I am practicing yoga in a way that is elementally compatible with me!

Now there are also classes that people of other elemental natures can try out for themselves.   Fire classes are fun and high-energy, focusing on core work and fire breathing.   Earth-based classes have a focus on solidity and grounding.    Air-based classes are focused on obtaining a feeling of lightness.   So no matter your element there are yoga classes that will help to get you centered in your particular elemental self!   I also recommend trying all four elemental styles, as even if it is not your element it can help balance your nature.   This is why doing the occasional fire element class can balance my watery self!   I also want to briefly mention that there is even a trend of doing yoga in water, making for an even more watery practice for those who get the chance!

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief post about elemental yoga.   I will also leave a link to one of my favorite YouTube yoga teachers and her elemental series below.   Do you practice yoga?   Are you interested in starting, or incorporating elemental yoga into your practice?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!    

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is a watery yoga pose I found the image on https://bliss-flow.com/yoga-water-element/. 

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