My Top 5 Favorite Disney Songs

For today’s post, I have decided to do a countdown of my favorite Disney songs.   I have narrowed it down to only songs from animated feature films.   Of course, all but one of these have been made (or is being made) into live-action versions, but I chose the version from the animated film here!   To be honest, they are all Disney Princess films, so maybe that is the thread.   Anyway, here is my countdown!

Number 5: Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast

~The titular song of Beauty and the Beast ranks in at number five.   It is such an adorable song, and it always makes my heart melt a little.

Number 4: A Whole New World from Aladdin

~As a child who grew up in the 90s, I have a major soft spot for Aladdin.   This duet is a really fun one, and it is super magical and catchy.   Aladdin and Jasmine singing while flying through the air on a magic carpet has got to be one of the best scenes in the entire film!

Number 3: Part of Your World  from The Little Mermaid

~I adore mermaids, and The Little Mermaid is such a great movie.   Ariel is sassy and rebellious, and this song is in many ways her anthem of rebellion.   I know I could have chosen other songs from this film, but I personally believe that this one has got to be the most fun to belt out!

Number 2: Now I See the Light from Tangled

~This duet from Tangled ranks as the most modern of all the songs on this list.    I love the relationship between Flynn and Rapunzel, and I think this song shows that off well!   While other songs from the film are also great, this one plucks at the strings of my hopelessly romantic heart.

Number 1: Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping Beauty

~My favorite Disney song of all time is from the film based on my favorite fairytale.   My regular readers will know that I am a huge fan of Sleeping Beauty and this song is very special.   It is literally lyrics put to Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty Waltz.   I love that they chose to use the music from the ballet for this film!

~I hope that you have enjoyed my countdown.   Did I include your favorite Disney song?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!