The Meaning of the Swan and the Vine in the Celtic Zodiac

For today’s post, I will be looking at the Celtic zodiac.   I have written about the Celtic zodiac before, but today I will be looking at my own Celtic zodiac signs, with a little more depth.    There are two sets of Celtic zodiacs, the Celtic tree zodiac, and the Celtic animal zodiac!     My Celtic zodiac signs are vine and swan.   These signs are both active from September 2nd through September 29th.

The fact that the swan spends part of its time in the water gives it a connection to water, the emotions, and the unconscious.   This also explains the connection between swans and the Faery realm.    Since ancient times, the Celts saw swans as being faery animals.    White is a color associated with Faery, and being a bird that also is associated with water makes a swan a perfect symbol of the portal between the mortal world and the Faery realms!    All of this can add up to explain a bit of how people born under the swan sign are characterized.   People born under this sign are often seen as discriminating and passionate with a quick mind!   Swans are graceful, honorable, intense, and faithful. 

The vine tree was seen as a symbol of spiritual wisdom, initiation, and emotions.   The vine is not technically a tree, but the Celts saw any plant with a woody stalk as being a tree.   Since grapes grown on the vine were used for making wine this is something that could be said to encourage honest communication and the ability to tap into higher intuition.   People born under the vine sign can be seen as having a dual nature.    They can be simple in some ways but also highly intelligent.   They can be restless but also laid back.   Emotional swings are common with the vine sign, and this makes them very complex.   Known for being naturally enthusiastic, they are both very supportive and highly romantic.   They are known for their ability to see both sides of most situations, and this gives them a great understanding of the grey areas of life!   Vines are known to have very refined tastes, and this can sometimes lead to overindulgence.   All of these things put together make sense given that the vine is used to make wine.   The fact that a vine grows in a spiral makes it an important plant in Celtic life.   Spirals are important symbols within Celtic culture, and the alignment of this sign around the Autumnal Equinox was powerful!

In many ways, both of these Celtic zodiac signs that I have been born under truly feel more honest to my personality than the other zodiacs that I was born under.    This may be because I have Celtic roots on my mother’s side, being that my grandfather was Irish and English.    Although with deeper research into the traditional western zodiac, I have been able to understand my own natal chart a bit better, that is a topic for another post.    

I have always loved swans, and especially the connection to the Faery realm that they have.   I also love the vine as a plant, as I do love wine and other fruits that are grown on a vine, like blackberries.   This means that when I found out that I was born under these signs, I felt that it made sense, even before doing more research into the meaning of the signs themselves!   

I hope that you have enjoyed learning a bit about the Celtic zodiac signs that occur during the Autumnal Equinox.    I strongly encourage all of my readers to research their own Celtic zodiac signs, both animal and tree, as you may find that the Druids knew more about the way personality connects to the stars than we may have realized.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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