Queen of Cups in Tarot

For today’s post I would like to discuss the Queen of Cups in Tarot.   The Queen of Cups represents the Queen of the Watery realm, as cups are the water suit of the tarot.    The Queen in tarot likewise is the court card associated with water.

In this way the Queen of Cups is a doubly watery card.    We see her as the representative of water Goddesses, and of the power of the feminine divine.    In The Arthurian Tarot she is represented as the Grail Queen.    In this guise she is represented by the Arthurian figure of Elaine, mother of Galahad.    This makes her a doubly Grail associated figure, as she is related to the formal Grail holder (her father).    Galahad is the product of her desire for Lancelot.   Born from a deceptive union, where Elaine used a Glamour to make herself appear as Guinevere in order to bed the lovelorn knight!

This union bore the worthy successor, and ultimate Grail winner, Galahad.   That makes this a union similar to the union of Igraine and Uther that begat Arthur.   Mystical unions give way to mystically important offspring!   The Grail Queen helps the querient in their path of discovering inner knowledge.   She helps seekers find the truth!

In every deck the Queen of Cups, no matter how she is named, can be seen as a guiding dream and vision to support you on your path.   She is beautiful, benevolent, affectionate, and loving.    This supportive card is a great one to appear at a time when one is feel less than sure of themselves.   She can represent an actual woman in your life, or even yourself.    This figure is highly creative and even visionary.    Perhaps she even can be telling you of your own burgeoning psychic awakening.   For this card represents a woman who has a highly developed psychic awareness!    The one overriding theme for this card is that the situation that is being questioned has a positive emotional tone with this card answering it.

I hope you have liked this brief overview of the meaning of the Queen of Cups in Tarot.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is a lovely imaging of this card, with a mermaid, perfect for the water element!   I found the image on https://www.cocorrina.com/blogs/divine-feminine-tarot-card-meanings/queen-of-cups/

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