Bellatrix Lestrange: Witch Bitch

For this week’s Femme Fatale Friday I have chosen a truly fatal female.   In the Harry Potter books there was not a more evil and wicked female magician than Bellatrix Lestrange.    There is literally nothing but blackness and bile in this bitchy witch!    She is an antagonist and rather mad, and is consumed with her obsession with Voldemort.

She was a sister of Narcissa Malfoy and together they and their husbands joined the death eaters.    We do not know much about Bellatrix’s husband, only that she only married him out of convention to keep the bloodlines pure.    She seemed to truly loathe the man, unlike Narcissa who was lucky enough to actually love her husband!   Bellatrix was willing to do anything to show Voldemort how deeply she loved him.

During the first years of his reign, before the events of the books, she committed all sorts of atrocities in the Dark Lord’s name.    The most heinous we learn about is her torturing of the Longbottom’s with the cruciatous curse until they were insane.    Being such good people, and loyal members of the original Order of the Phoenix, they refused to give her the information she sought.    So in her wicked insanity she kept torturing them until they were both insane.    This is why Neville was raised by his grandmother, and why his parents are forced to live out the rest of their lives at St. Mungo’s Hospital.   They do not even know who they are or who their son is when he visits!    It is truly tragic and all the fault lies in Bellatrix.

This is one of the first things we learn that makes us love to hate Bellatrix.    The next thing we get to see her do.   In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix we get to see her on the page for the first time.    In this book she has gotten out of Askaban and is out for blood.    During the Battle of the Ministry in the Hall of Records we see Bellatrix locked in battle with Sirius Black.    It must be noted Sirius is Bellatrix’s own cousin who she hated for betraying their pureblood line and for joining the Order of the Phoenix instead of the Deatheaters!    During this fight Bellatrix his Sirius with a spell that caused him to fall through a mirror dying!    That is when I decided I would forever loather her, as she had killed Harry’s godfather.    Harry had lost yet another loved one, and yet another father figure he so desperately needed!

Bellatrix would also go on to torture Hermione.   During this scene we see Bellatrix carve the word Mudblood into Hermione’s forearm.   This is forever marking the young witch with a terrible slur for her status as a muggle born witch!   As if we needed another reason to hate Bellatrix.    Oh and she also killed Dobby the house elf, as none of us could ever forget!   She is deadly and such a wicked witch that it is almost too easy to loathe her, but I will never forget all the horrors she wrought in the name of Voldemort!

In Harry Potter and the Cursed Child we learn that Bellatrix had in fact had a daughter with Voldemort.   This is main plot point in the play, and it is horrific to know that Voldermort had a child, and especially with an insane witch bitch like Bellatrix as her mother!    It is unsurprising that Bellatrix would want a child with Voldemort, given her obsession, but it is saddening to learn they actually had one together!

I hope you have enjoyed the Femme Fatale Friday.   I hope that you will join me next week here at White Rose of Avalon for Femme Fatale Friday.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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