Confessions of Anne Boleyn

For today’s blog post I have decided to post a short story I have written about Anne Boleyn. It is from her perspective in her time in the Tower of London, awaiting execution! I hope you will enjoy this.

Confessions of Anne Boleyn

by Maranda Wabik

Once upon a time I was Queen of England, I was Henry’s Queen of choice, after his first wife could not provide him a son.   I am the infamous concubine, my name is Anne Boleyn.    As I write this I am in the Tower of London accused of adultery.   How ridiculous, me an adulteress?   I have been, and am many things, but an adulteress is not one of them!    They call me a witch (although that is not one of my official charges), and I must confess to having practiced the unseen arts for many years.

Actually I first began practicing magick when I found a Book of Shadows that was written by Elizabeth Woodville.    She was the King’s own maternal grandmother, and a great witch in her own right!    I used the information in this secret book to provide myself with power, and to help the King whenever I could.   

I have for many many years been a woman who used her force of will throughout my lifetime.   I have called on the forces of nature to do my will, and create my magick.    However, I have never been one to use my power as an enchantress to bewitch my husband.    Henry fell in love with me because of my beauty, my intellect, and my personal charm.    I need to be honest that I am an incredibly sexy woman.    During my years at the French court I learned the ways of courtly love.    I have studied the Arthurian tales, and always identified with that great Faery Enchantress Morgana le Fay!    I also studied Capellanus and his Art of Courtly Love.    I have read the writing of Christine de Pizan, and believe in the power of being a woman!

I spent years with Henry prior to our marriage securing my place in the court.   I rejected his advances and proposition to become his maîtresse-en-titre.    We were very much in love, but I could not give into my personal lust.    He decided that with my intellect and ability that I would make a great Queen!   My seven years of plotting the divorce of Henry and Katherine were some of the most happy of my life.   I knew that I had the heart and devotion of the love of my life!   I was hated by many of the people at the court.   Although they hated me, they wanted to emulate me and my sense of style.    I brought French hoods, and other French fashions to the Tudor court.    I also had a sense of style and glamour that would become iconic within the court.   There was even that time that I walked through the court while wearing a purple gown.   This caused a stir, as I was not yet royal, and that color is for royals only.   In that moment I had declared myself as being a good as a Queen already!

Our love was finally consummated when we went to visit France after I was made Marquess of Pembroke.    Henry had taken me as his officially betrothed bride, and we had a very secret wedding that night.    Our first night together was very sensual and orgasmic!    I was very happy to finally be able to give into my physical desires.    In January, the 20th, we finally officially wed in a private ceremony in England.    Henry had officially voided his previous marriage to Katherine, and his daughter Mary was now a bastard.

It was at this time that I began to crave apples like nothing else.    Henry was sure I was carrying his heir, and I was soon to confirm that for him.    He could not have been more elated that he had made me heavy with child so quickly and easily!   I was coronated that summer in a lavish ceremony.    The people did not like me, and they would forever see me as a harlot and concubine that had displaced the real Queen.    I was a great leader though, and I treated my ladies well, except for those who bedded my husband!

On September 7 I gave birth to my child.    It was not the hoped for son, but instead my beautiful daughter Elizabeth!    Those who think that we were disappointed could not have been more wrong, Henry and I had a healthy child and were elated.   We believed that we would have more children, and have a healthy son to play with his sister, soon enough.    And I did become pregnant two more times.    However, I would lose each of these babes, the most recent back in January.    Some have said that is why Henry decided to put me to death.

In truth it is not my beloved husband, but his advisor Thomas Cromwell, who was the architect of my destruction.   Cromwell realized that I was too influential and would not keep quiet, and while this annoyed Henry he respected my opinions.   Cromwell knew I may make his position at court insecure, so he had to put me down.    He did this by accusing me of adultery and incest with my brother.

My darling husband believed this because he was so afraid that I had bewitched him, and that I had betrayed his trust.   I did not, I did use my witchcraft to conceive my children so easily.   I used it to help entice Henry to break with Rome, and helped him to get out of his unwanted marriage in this way!    He loved me for me, and I used bewitchment to help him become a better monarch.    Henry believed what was said because it was his most dangerous fears made manifest!

I was arrested on May 2 and brought here to the Tower of London.    I have had my trial with my brother George, and both of us were found guilty of adultery and incest.    My dear brother and the other innocent men were put to death yesterday.    Tomorrow morning I will lose my head, and become La Reine Anne Sans Tete!    I jest because I do not want to die.   I do not want to leave my young daughter without a mother, and I do not want to lose my husband.    I may have been jealous of his extramarital affairs, but it was out of my love for his Grace!    I know that we were so in love up until a mere two weeks before my arrest, and now I have lost the love of my dearest beloved!

I have already composed my poem “O Death Rock Me to Sleep.”   Now I finish my confessions, yes I am a witch, but no I did not force the King’s love, and I have never strayed from my marital vows!    I only hope the King will still love our daughter even if she is now a bastard.    I bid the world goodbye, and I hope that you all find this to be a great comfort to you.   Now you know the truth!


~I hope that you have liked this short work of fiction. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!