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Reincarnation is a belief held by many cultures and religions around the world.    The idea of being able to live many lives, same soul in different bodies, allows for a depth of experience.   Some people have past life memories, and there are many parents who tell stories of their children saying things that are obviously referencing past lives.

There are therapists who are able to help people regress and remember their past lives.   Some of these are charlatans, while others are really believers who are trying to help.   Past lives can impact how we are passionate about.    We may feel drawn to certain things, or people, directly because of our past lives.   The belief in soulmates is directly related to reincarnation.

Soulmates are literally people who have shared more than one lifetime together.   Although the term is most commonly used to refer to romantic partners, soulmates can also be our friends and family members.   There is a popular trope of using past lives to explain the romantic instant connection between to characters in paranormal romance novels.    I personally adore that trope!   

Meditation is a popular way to try to uncover past life memories.   Hypnotherapy can be utilized to help people remember long forgotten memories, both from this life and others!   

There are several things that can signal possible past lives, and content without having full memories.   Dreams are a huge indicator of past lives, and people often remember their past lives in their dreams first.   Easily learning, or just knowing, a foreign language can signal that you spoke that language in another lifetime.    Being particularly interested in, or attracted to, a certain era in history can be an indicator that you once lived in that era.   The same can be said for being attracted to certain places!

Two famous series of YA novels to use reincarnation as a primary part of their plots are Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods novels, and Lauren Kate’s Fallen novels.    Both also share a common thread of utilizing fallen angels and the war in heaven as main plot points.   In Blue Bloods the fallen have become vampires who reincarnate regularly.   In Fallen an angel and his lover are put through a curse that requires her to die every seventeen years, and he must live with her ultimate demise each time.   There is much beauty and drama in these books, and soulmate love stories that abound!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on reincarnation.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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