The Vila

The Vila are faeries of Slavic folklore who love to dance, but will turn viscous if you are guilty of hunting and harming forest creatures.   They are protectors of the forest, similar to Greek nymphs, but much more viscous!    In many tellings they are also protectors of women, and will lure men to their death if they have cheated on or abused their wives.

There is beauty and power in the stories of faerie women who use their wiles in order to protect those who cannot protect themselves.   It is forever interesting to read about tales of these vixens dancing the night away and luring men into their traps.   These men deserved to be led to death, as they were always guilty of great injustices, many were wifebeaters, hunters, and abusers of the nature that Vila were meant to protect.   It is easy to see these faerie women as evil due to their murderous nature, but we need to see the full picture as to why they act the way they do.

In the modern day one of our most famous examples of these Slavic faeries is in the Harry Potter books.   The character Fleur Delacour is part Veela (an alternate spelling).    She as a character keeps some of their attributes like their beauty and ability to be absolutely irresistible to men!   I love that growing up reading Harry Potter also served as an introduction to a lot of folklore and legends from all around the world!

Fleur Delacour is one of the most underrated Harry Potter characters.    She is seen as not much more than a pretty face by most.    The fact is she was chosen as a competitor in the Triwizard Tournament during her time at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic!   There is a reason that Bill Weasley fell in love with and married Fleur.   Although Molly and Ginny Weasley initially disliked their union, they both accepted Fleur when she showed her true love of Bill by staying by his side even after he was attacked by Fenrir Greyback!

I hope this post has made you interested in learning more about these intriguing faerie women!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is a photo of Clemence Poesy as Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter films.   I found the image on

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