The World Card in Tarot

For today’s post, I have decided to focus on the World Card in the Tarot.   The World Card is the final card of the major arcana, numbered twenty-one.    It is a card of culmination and ascension, as the major arcana of the Tarot can be read as a journey of the Fool going on a quest of discovery!   This final card is the end of the quest where you can bask in the joy of accomplishment.

For me, the appearance of this card in a reading is a pleasant one, bringing the feeling of joyfully celebrating an achievement.   However, it is also a sign that a new pattern is about to begin.   I love that this card is not simply the ending that we celebrate, but also a new chance for a beginning.   In some decks, this card is called The Universe instead, because either is considered to mean “all is right in the world/universe” after your quest has been completed.   The fact that this card has a reputation for everything being all right and a joyful ascension at the end of the journey makes it a card that brings positive connotations.   In many ways, I feel that this card is also related to Gaia and Earth Mother energy due to it literally being called the World.      

The imagery of the card varies greatly depending on the deck.   In my personal favorite deck, Tarot of the Hidden Realm, the World Card is depicted as a naked woman with Green Skin.   I really adore that particular version of this card as it is a depiction of the fertility of the natural world!   It is a truly beautiful card that shows a more sexual connotation and a wild world of nature that exemplifies the abundance of possibilities you have going forward.   It is not the only image of the card that holds that Earth Mother look, as I have explained that there is a bit of that energy to the card in general.

I hope that you have enjoyed this short post about my thoughts on the World Card.   What is your favorite thing about this card?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is an artwork of a World Card.   I found the image on

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