My Current Favorite Witchy Films and Television Shows

For today’s post, I have decided to take a look at some of my current favorite Witchy Films and TV shows!   I am a huge fan of fantasy, and all sorts of Witchy media in general, so I am forever watching everything I can get my hands on.   This also means that my favored Witchy Media changes over time, with certain things being staples!   This list does not have an exact order, but my last two are my top favorites never off of this list.   


~This is the ultimate version of Sabrina, as while I adore the original live-action sitcom from the 90s, I prefer this one above all else!   I love this iteration for its darker edge, the setting, and most importantly the very deep knowledge of real-life magical practices.   This series has beyond done its research and made impeccable choices in portraying witchcraft on screen.  While most witches do not tend to be Satanic (some are, but that is a religious choice separate from the magic itself), the magic on this show is very real (usually done without reference to Satan).

THE WITCH (2015)

~This one is based on accounts of Witch Trials in America pre-Salem.   It is sometime around the 1660s that this one takes place.   The language, costuming, and use of natural light all lend to the very realistic feeling of this film!   I actually just recently re-watched this one with my husband.   It was his first time seeing the film and both of us truly enjoyed the dark imagery and realistic portrayal of a family driven to hysteria!

SALEM (2014)

~While this show is not historically accurate in the least, I really adore it!   I love Mary Sibley as a character, even though she bares no real resemblance to the real person whom she was based upon.   The love story between her and John Alden was one of the true highlights of the show!   I also really enjoyed all of her interactions with Tituba.   The plot line with her pregnancy seemed to be a rather honest portrayal of what a woman in a Puritan society would be forced to endure!

THE CRAFT (1996)

~This one is iconic for being one of the first, if not the very first, films to use an onset magical expert.   In other words, they had an onset magical practitioner to check that the spells they used were realistic!   While they made up the God Manon, his name was very similar to Manannan Mac Lir, leading to an infamous incident on set where there was actually a large storm riled up when they filmed a ritual on the beach, as Manannan is a Sea Deity!


~While this television show only had two short seasons, it is still beloved by many.   Some will call it just a show that tried to become the new version of Charmed, or other shows about witches, it had its own special flair.   This was a multi-generational tale that rooted its protagonists in Norse myth.   This is more obvious in the books the show was based upon, but still clearly seen in the show!   I wish we could have seen more of this series!


~This one has ALWAYS been my favorite witchy film, and that has not changed.   I adore the film, as well as all of the books in this series.   Gillian Owens has forever spoken to me as an iconic character, whom I related to in many ways!    I adore the sisterly bond between her and Sally.   I also have wanted to live in the house from this film since the first time I laid eyes on it, even though I know that it was just a set!

 CHARMED (1998)

~My favorite witchy television show will forever be Charmed!   Phoebe sings to my heart as a character I have related to since I was a little girl watching the show through its original run.   I adored her and Cole’s relationship, and it was the first time I ever shipped a couple.   I still wish they ended up together to this day, and have even written about it on this blog more than once!    The show was one of friendship, sisterhood, and above all else love.   It is still my ultimate comfort show to watch if life gets too difficult!

~I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on my current favorite witchy media.   Which is your favorite on this list?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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