The Sun Card in Tarot

For today’s post, I have decided to focus on the interpretation attached to the Sun Card in the Tarot.    The Sun is traditionally numbered nineteen of the Major Arcana. It is the card of solar energy and youthful joy that embodies Summery fun.  This card is also one that is associated with masculine sexual energy.

In many ways, this particular card is the one that is in balance with the energy of the Moon Card.    The Moon is about balancing negative emotions and lunacy with dreams and the magickal embodiment of positive emotions.   The Sun Card, in opposition, is about the warmth of the solar energy and tapping into the magickal nature of solar deities!    That is why certain decks literally use solar deities on the Sun Card.   In The Arthurian Tarot, the card features Mabon, son of the Goddess Modron.   In The Llewellyn Tarot, the card features Llew Llaw Gyffes, son of the Goddess Arianrhod and husband of the Goddess Blodeuwedd.

Thinking of this card as one that symbolizes not only the warmth and optimism of the energy of the Sun, nourishing all of life with its light and heat but of the deities that are solar in nature.   Both Mabon and Llew can be seen as Solar Gods in their own unique ways.   In other pantheons, there are Gods like the Greek Helios (literally the embodiment of the Sun) and Apollo, who has Solar aspects.   Both of these deities therefore can be associated with the energy of this card!   That is what lends this card its association with masculine sexuality and virility, even having an aspect of the masculine divine.   This further relates to being the card that balances the Moon card, which is associated with the feminine divine!

Interestingly, in Celtic lore, we also often find figures of Celtic Faery Goddesses who were once Sun-associated becoming Moon Goddesses.   Both Rhiannon in Wales and Aine in Ireland first had Solar associations.   Later, they would be associated with the Moon instead.   However, I think this fact gives these Goddesses a uniquely balanced energy of both the Sun and Moon, showing a mingling of the energies of both the Sun card and the Moon card!

When I get the Sun card in a reading, it is a welcome card, it shows that whatever issues I have been struggling with are soon to be over.   It is a card that shows that the Shadowy depths are being lit up so that all of the Shadow work I do can be alchemized into making me a more solid and empowered person.   Both the Sun and the Moon cards have complex links to divinity, making them cards that will have layered meanings depending on the person.   Yet, I do not know of anyone that will have a negative association with this card, due to its warmth, childlike wonder, and optimism.

I hope that you have enjoyed this short post discussing my thoughts on the Sun card in Tarot.   What is your interpretation of this card?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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