Herbs That I Use Daily

For today’s post, I have been inspired by my Herbalism class to talk about some herbs that I have built an incredibly deep relationship with so far!   I have been in this course for about two months and am so glad that I began this class!    My teacher, Suzanne O’Gara, is incredible and I feel blessed to have been able to join her first class of Herbs of Avalon Herbalism students.   I will be talking a bit about my experiences with some herbs that I have begun using daily, or almost daily.


~Now, I already had a great relationship with Rose before I began this course.   It has long been my favorite flower, especially White Roses, hence the name of this blog.   I adore Rose in tea, in beauty treatments, wearing as perfume, anointing with the oil, and burning in incense and candles to ignite the loving energy of the plant all around me!   Rose is excellent for working on self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and in romance work.   It can also be great for beauty rituals, as it has anti-aging properties.   The use for this lovely flower is only limited by your imagination!


~Lavender is another old friend, she and Rose are the reasons I got into Herbalism in the first place, if I am honest.   Lavender is excellent to heal and protect.   The smell is so soothing and drinking Lavender in tea helps calm me down so quickly.    The anti-septic nature makes this plant a great one for cleansing and healing wounds, both physical and emotional!   She is the perfect ally for when life begins to seem so overwhelming that we do not know what to do anymore!


~Ah, Nettles!   This is the very first herb that we studied and it quickly became a favorite that I began drinking the tea of everyday.    Nettles are these incredible plants that can help with inflammation and allergies.   They really have served to help with my own allergy issues so much since I began drinking my morning Nettle tea!    I do mix other herbs with Nettle to enhance certain healing aspects and give a larger flavor some days.   Nettle is also great for many other things, including fertility.   As a bonus, this plant has nearly no contraindications!


~Red Clover is most often associated with fertility.   The color red brings forth images of our Moon Blood.   It is a lovely tasting herb to add to tea, and an excellent addition to a Nettle tea in order to promote fertility!


~Chamomile is a lovely floral herb that helps to calm the nervous system and promote healing and immunity!   German Chamomile is preferred to the Roman counterpart, as the Roman one is sometimes a little harsh for some people.   This is a beautiful herb to drink the tea of to soothe yourself and help find sleep on restless nights!


~The final herb that I have begun loving a lot that I want to discuss is Self-heal.   Self-heal is one that is often used to soothe the throat.   This is great combined with Chamomile to soothe vocal chords in singers, or with Nettles to soothe sore throats from allergies!   I love this simple herb for its ability to help us heal ourselves, as the name suggests.

~I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about my experiences with these herbs.   Do you enjoy any of them?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Further Reading

  • Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham