Astrological Truths: A Poem

For today’s post, I have decided to share a poem about deepening my knowledge of my own astrological chart.

Astrological Truths

by Maranda Wabik

Virgo in the Sun

Virgo in the Moon

Leo in the Ascendant

Virgo is the Earthly Virgin

Virgo is the Fertility of the Land

Virgo is the Earthly Sexuality

Her perfection holds my hand

The Virgo Moon makes me swoon

Deeply feeling full of Empathy

Leo’s fiery roar

Makes my heart soar!
The Taurus Midheaven

Seats my goals in reality

Taurean powered by Venus

Helps me embrace the 

True power of my Dreams

Venus in Leo makes my Romance and Desire 

Alight in Fire!

I feel into my 

Queen of Pentacles

I am Earth Mother Energy

Power of the Earth

Power of the Sunny Fire

Builds depths into Watery Emotions!

~I hope that you have enjoyed this poem.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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