Embracing the Earth Mama

For today’s post, I have decided to take a look at my deepening connection to Earth energy.   While I have always been able to connect to Water energy, I have recently had a much deeper growing connection to Earth Mama energy!    I have always adored the Green World of nature, possibly as much so as Water, after all, I chose to marry in the Woods because I had always dreamed of marrying within the Wildwoodland of Greenery.    It is coming more into focus for me that all of my fascination with plants, herbalism, medieval aesthetics, and Woodland energy is the connection to the Green Magic of the Earth Herself.   While I still feel very connected to the Watery energy of Wells and Streams, I am realizing that I am just as deeply connected to the Earth.   The fact that I have always felt more at home in Well, Stream, and Lake Water energy than in Beachy energy show that I am embracing the Wildwood energy.    Wells, Streams, and Lakes are often found within Woodlands, making the connection between Water and Earth more obvious, which feels very balanced to me!

Beyond feeling into this Green Magic connection to the Earth energy, embracing the Earth Mama is the embracing of the Earth Goddess.    These Earth Goddesses are Deities of Fertility, Plants, Springtime, Flowers, and Embodiment of Nature.    The most obvious Earth Mama Goddess is Gaia of Greek Myth, the living embodiment of the Earth itself.   While she is truly the first one we think of, and she is Mother Nature before the term began, she is far from alone in this Earth Goddess lineup!    Blodeuwedd is an ideal example of this, literally being formed from flowers by the magicians Math and Gwydion.   She was brought to life in order to become the ideal Bride for the God Llew Llaw Gyffes, who had a geis on him that prevented him from marrying a human woman.    Blodeuwedd became the icon of Female Sovereignty and Sexuality.   Her choice of turning away from her marriage to turn towards true love granted her Sovereignty where she had none before!   Persephone is likewise a Goddess whose original association was as a Goddess of Spring, that would later become Queen of the Underworld.   The Queen aspect is also one deeply rooted within the Earth Mama energy.    Guinevere is an Arthurian Goddess who began as a Flower Bride (like Blodeuwedd) and May Queen, only later becoming the High Queen!   The Queen’s energy is Regal, Sovereign, Empowered, and Lush in her Sensuality!   This Lush Sensuality is the heart of the Earth Mama.    I often consider the Earth Mama to be the Queen of Pentacles and The Empress archetypes in the Tarot.   This is the Divine Feminine in the Physical Realm, this is not the High Cosmic energy of Sky Gods, this is the deeply rich Sensual, and Fertile energy of the Earth Gods!   In Norse Myth this can be seen in the fact that Freya, a Love, Sex, and Fertility Goddess was a member of the Vanir, who were Fertility Gods, and only came to live with the Sky God Aesir after a war.   Freya also has this Earthy energy of Love and Sex and certainly is associated with fertility, but her aspect of Warfare makes her a different flavor of Earthy Goddess.

I believe that discovering that I have this deeply ingrained Earth Goddess energy within myself is part of my journey into the next chapter of my life.    It has been an empowering and even at times overwhelming experience!   I am so delighted to get to share my journey of my Spiritual Evolution and Self-Discovery as I am deepening into my truest self.   Maybe it is my coming more deeply into my Virgo Sun and Moon.   My personality is more deeply informed by my Leo Rising, but the deeply Earthy nature of my Virgo Sun and Moon signs make for a well-balanced sexy Earth Goddess energy, this is exemplified by the fact that Virgo is often associated with Persephone!   This is just another step on the road of my Faery Soul Journey.   It is also in my step to becoming an herbalist as I take my amazing herbalism course.    It is my reveling in the Sensual World as I embrace all of my Pleasure!   Pleasure is at the center of Fertility and the Earth.   We must not demonize the Pleasure of the Body, instead, we must learn to embrace and truly Embody our Pleasure!   I am so delighted to realize that I can both embody the emotional and flowing energy of Water and balance it with the fertile and lush energy of Earth.   I feel even more at home in my body as I grow into love for both of the feminine elements, not just one!   I always thought it had to be a choice, I am either a Watery Woman or an Earthy Woman, but now I know that I can be both, embracing each in turn as it suits the situation!   I hope that you have enjoyed this exploration of and meditation on the Earth Mama.   What is your favorite thing about Earth Goddess Energy?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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