The Balancing of Goddess Energies in the Arthuriad

For today’s post, I have decided to discuss the connection between Guinevere as May Queen and Morgan le Fay as Underworld Queen.   Guinevere is the ruler over the Light Half of the Year, given her association with Beltane.   Morgan is the ruler over the Dark Half of the Year because of her association with Samhain.

As the year turns the power of the Goddess never wanes, but her influence changes from a darker tone pushing us to embrace Shadow Work to a lighter tone pushing us to embrace the Creative Fertility!   Guinevere is the energy that rules this time of year, as Beltane has just happened and we are still within the energy of fiery sexuality.   Beltane as a season lasts until the Midsummer Solstice around June 21st.   The Guinevere energy is asking us to embrace our sexual allure, tap into the fount of feminine mystique in the fertile realm, and embrace all of our beautiful May Queen powers!    This is the time of lovers, the time of inspiration, the time of sensual pleasures taken to the max!   I fully intend to enjoy the sensual nature of this season to the greatest extent possible.   I also encourage everyone else to do the same!

When Samhain is coming up, but really beginning with the Autumnal Equinox (just as Guinevere’s lighter energy begins with the Vernal Equinox) the energy becomes more about the sexuality of the Underworld.   This is the sexual allure of the dangerous, as well as the depth of Shadow Work.   Samhain is the perfect time to work more deeply with the ancestors.   Samhain is the time to honor the dead and embrace all of the allure that can be found within the Shadows.   It is the time when we begin to realize more profoundly the impact of the connection between sexuality and death.   After all, in French “la petite mort” is a famous euphemism for an orgasm, but it literally translates to “the little death,” further exemplifying this link.   It is a time to reckon with many people’s unhealthy connection to their bodies.   Part of the Shadow Work in the Dark Half of the Year is to embrace our sexualities without shame!   That is one of Morgan’s most potent messages.

Both of these Goddess energies easily entwine.   In some ways, we can view them as the same Goddess merely separated as different sides of the same coin!   Yet, as with all Great Goddess energies, they are totally unique even if bonded.   In some ways, if we look at them as so linked, we can see them as sharing the year like with the male figures of Lord of Winter and Lord of Summer who fight over the Sovereignty Goddess who chooses a lover in a certain time of year.   That makes a great deal of sense given that both Morgan and Guinevere are deeply linked to being Sovereignty Goddesses in different ways, Guinevere even being cast as the Sovereignty Goddess who chooses a Lord in some interpretations of the legends!   This can be seen in any triplicity Goddess, as well.   This is further proved by Guinevere’s inclusion in the Welsh Celtic Triads, or even by those that believe that Morgan le Fay is the same Goddess as the Morrigan (famously a triple Goddess)!   Whether you are more connected to the lighter Guinevere or the darker Morgana, both are potently linked!   I hope that you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on the connection between Morgan and Guinevere as Goddesses.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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