Beltane Celebrations

Blessed Beltane!   For today’s holiday post, I have decided to share a Beltane post about ways to celebrate this amazing holiday!   I will give you a long list with brief descriptions of what each is.   There are various depths of celebrations here, from simple to quite complex!

Make Mead or Honey Your Wine
~In honor of Maeve, try to work with honeyed beverages.   It is a delicious and sensual way to bring your body into a state of intoxication.

Make Flower Crowns

~Flower crowns are very much a beautiful way to bring forth a very simple act of Beltane celebration.   You can make them just by entwining flowers, or by tying flowers into a pre-made wreath to wear on your head.

Wash Your Face in Beltane Morning Dew

~This one is as simple as it comes, on the morning of Beltane you wash your face and eyelids in the morning dew!   It is a simple and magical thing that brings blessings, and old faerylore says “the sight” or the ability to see the faeries!

Build a Bonfire

~A bonfire is a very common thing to do to celebrate the holiday.   This is a fire festival after all!   If you cannot do a bonfire, I suggest that you use candles to celebrate with fiery energy!

Dance Around a Maypole

~The Maypole is an iconic symbol of this holiday!   If you have a chance to build one and dance around the Maypole.   It is a classic way to celebrate this day.

Perform a Handfasting

~Handfastings are a very traditional part of this holiday!   This was in the old days, a year-and-a-day marriage that would either continue after that time (or can be annulled if you do not want to continue as long as there were no children).   Today, it is often part of a marriage ceremony for Pagans, Polytheists, and Witches!   It is a gorgeous and romantic way to celebrate Beltane!

Pick Flowers

~This one is super easy!   Just go out on a walk and pick flowers and make a lovely bouquet to celebrate Beltane.

Dance Barefoot in the Grass

~Simply being outside barefoot in the grass is a great way to get in touch with the innate fertility of the earth on this lovely day!    Dancing is a great way of feeling truly embodied within ourselves and is a great way to honor the day.

Practice Sex Magick

~At its heart, Beltane is a Fertility holiday!    That makes sex magick an obvious way to celebrate this day.   It could be that you want to try to conceive an actual child, or that you simply want to deepen your connection with a partner.   It can even be solo sex magick to get better in touch with your own body!   Anything that makes you feel fertile and luscious is a great way to honor Beltane’s energy!

Practice Faery Magick

~My favorite way to celebrate every holiday is Faery Magick!   On Beltane, it is very potent, as this is a time when the Fey Folk are very active.   It can be as simple as going outside and meditating with a plant or on a Fey guardian.   It can be more complex like creating a whole ceremony to bring the Faery energy into your home.   At the end of the day, it is up to you to find what works best for your holiday celebrations!

~I hope you have enjoyed this list of Beltane celebration ideas.   What is your favorite Beltane activity?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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