Aphrodite & Beauty Rituals

For this week’s Femme Fatale Friday, we are keeping the Aphrodite April theme going with a post all about Aphrodite as Beauty Goddess and how to use this energy in beauty rituals!   Aphrodite is a common Goddess whose energy is often brought forth to utilize in magick of the Beauty nature.

Doing beauty rituals is a great way to help increase your sense of relaxation.   Beauty magick is also a lovely thing to do in order to make life a little more fun!   Do not forget that Aphrodite is always pictured loving herself by taking pride in her beauty.   That is why her symbol is a hand mirror, so much so that the symbol of the planet Venus, and for women in general, is a circle on top of a cross (making it look like a hand mirror).

The image of Aphrodite is one of a gorgeous woman, a Goddess, who is often seen laying down with a breezy and silky dress draped about her body.   She is a Goddess who would luxuriate in rubbing lotions and oils into her skin.   She may appear totally nude under just the barest slip of fabric as one of her handmaidens spends much time lovingly massaging her back.   This is an act of beauty as well as one of self-love, as we discussed in last week’s Femme Fatale Friday.   Taking care of yourself is highly important when it comes to living a life of true satisfaction!

Learning how to embrace our own inner beauty by the usage of beauty rituals is one of the best lessons that Aphrodite’s energy can teach us.   These rituals include baths, facials, purifying skin treatments, manicures and pedicures, as well as so much more!  She is all about not only the beauty rituals themselves, but also the glorification of beauty in all forms.   Aphrodite sees the beauty in all of nature.   Aphrodite sees the beauty in all of her followers and devottees.   Aphrodite sees the beauty in all of the world.   This is because spreading her own brand of beauty is part of her basic tenets as a Goddess!   I hope you have enjoyed this short post about Aphrodite and her beauty magick.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Further Reading

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