9 Gifts of Morgan le Fay Energy

For today’s post, I have decided to share a companion post to the Guinevere gift post from yesterday!   This is my own collection of gifts of Morgan le Fay Energy.   Now, you will note that there is a great deal of cross-over between Guinevere and Morgana energy gifts.   This is because Guinevere and Morgana have a lot more in common than many would expect given they are often pitted against one another as opposites!   I decided on 9 gifts in total for Morgan le Fay as it is the number of Avalon. 


~The first and most obvious gift of Morgan’s energy is that of magick.   She helps us use magick as well as find the magick that lays dormant within us until it is activated!   With her energy and persuasion, we can learn to embrace the greatest heights of our magickal abilities!


~Morgan le Fay’s Faery Nature is conjured just by her very epithet alone!   Le Fay means “the Faery” and was often used to describe Faery women and magickal practitioners of all sorts during the medieval period.    This nature as a Faery Queen and Goddess of ancient Celtic origin can help us learn to connect more deeply with our deepest inner and innate wild natures!


~As anyone familiar with my blog and YouTube channel will know, my preferred term for a witchy magickal practitioner is Enchantress.   That is in large part because I find that the term Enchantress brings forth a very Faery-related type of magick thought.  Morgan’s gift of Enchantment is the gift of being able to craft spell work, glamour, shapeshifting, and illusions to make the world a more magickal place!    This differs from the gift of Magick in that it is a much more playful form of magick, like the Enchantment of childhood.   It is a very fun-loving and potent form of magick, which is similar to, but not as dark, as Sorcery! 


~From her earliest literary reference, as the Great Goddess who was head of the Ninefold Sisterhood of Avalon, on through every single reference to the Death of King Arthur, Morgana has forever retained her abilities as a healer!   She is the great herbalist who can utilize her ability with herbs and potions to both heal and harm, depending upon her intent.   It must be remembered that every great healer can be an equally great poisoner because knowledge of healing and knowledge of harming go hand in hand!   She is the great witchy woman and Faery that can easily tap into her connection with the Earth in order to perform great acts of benevolence for those she desires to help.   Her energy can help us tap into our own abilities as healers and herbalists!


~In the medieval period Morgana was very often referred to as having been learned in the art of Necromancy.    She can help us hone this skill because of her great ability in the craft.   Necromancy is the ability to communicate with the dead, or even to raise the dead.   In truth, we are more often referring to connecting to the dead through ancestor work, deity work, and prominently for Morgan, through work with Faery folk.   Lands of Faery, including Morgan’s sacred Isle of Avalon, are also realms of the Dead.   This is why Arthur is taken there to be healed when he is dying, and why he can remain there until the time his country is in greatest need of him to rise again!   Her energy can teach us to commune with spirits of the Dead and spirits of the land through her teachings of connecting to the Underworld Goddess energy and Necromancy!


~Just like Guinevere, as I discussed yesterday, Morgan is a prime Goddess Energy to work with to build self-confidence.   Morgan was always depicted as being incredibly capable of achieving anything by sheer force of will, by her confidence in herself!   She can teach us to embrace the fullest extent of our own self-worth to gain confidence in our abilities as magickal practitioners and as people!


~Again like Guinevere, Morgan is very much an energy linked to independence.   She never followed someone else’s advice unless it would further her own plots along.   She was always a leader when working with her sisters.   Although she very much values sisterhood, she also values the ability to stand strongly as your own independent magickal force.   Morgana is all about the liminality and ability to balance the energy of communion with the energy of solitary practice and study, as in the tales she did much of each of these things!


~Guinevere is always sexy, but Morgana is always shown as the most sexually voracious woman in all of the Arthuriad!  I am so happy that both of these two most prominent Arthurian Goddesses are so linked to the embracing of our sexualities.   It is something that is still often repressed to this day, but it is something that we should actively work to undo.   We need to be willing to embrace our delights in the pleasures of the flesh in order to live a life of satisfaction!   Morgan’s energy can help with this, just as Guinevere’s can.


~The final gift She shares with Guinevere is Feminine Power.   Morgana is the embodiment of the Sacred and Divine Feminine Power of Avalon!   She is the Goddess of Sovereignty and Faery Magick who helps us call forth our own Divine Feminine power.    It is often said that each of us has Goddess or God energy within ourselves and learning to use our Feminine Power is one way in which Morgan le Fay teaches us to ignite the Goddess within!

~I hope that you have enjoyed this post about the nine gifts of Morgan.   What is your favorite gift?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is a gorgeous Morgana image from Etsy.   I found the image on https://www.etsy.com/listing/1432949386/morgan-le-fay?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_us_c-art_and_collectibles-prints-digital_prints&utm_custom1=_k_CjwKCAjw8-OhBhB5EiwADyoY1WrWu9-vdzrzmrkWUgqbVjzQw2a_A-f76WHYSgVpYwJ3_6GKpY0nkxoC-CMQAvD_BwE_k_&utm_content=go_304499675_22746190355_78727420355_pla-106555091555_c__1432949386_12768591&utm_custom2=304499675&gclid=CjwKCAjw8-OhBhB5EiwADyoY1WrWu9-vdzrzmrkWUgqbVjzQw2a_A-f76WHYSgVpYwJ3_6GKpY0nkxoC-CMQAvD_BwE.

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