7 Gifts of Guinevere Energy

For today’s post, I have decided to share a post on a list of seven gifts of Guinevere’s energy that was mentioned in the post about Guinevere’s card in the Mists of Avalon Oracle by Rose Inserra.   Now, this is my absolute favorite Oracle Deck of all time!   I have been reading with it daily for over a year and a half.   I love that there are 7 gifts, as that is a number of Faery and she is a Faery Queen!


~One of the most iconic things Guinevere is remembered for is being a great beauty.    It is her beauty that enchanted Lancelot and would enthrall the imagination of many for centuries to come.   It is beauty that she teaches by showing us that we can find beauty in even the most troubling of times!   


~It is with confidence that Guinevere makes the choice to follow her heart when she finds herself in Lancelot’s embrace.   It is the confidence that she can teach us through her story by showing us that we are more capable than we may think and that we should follow our dreams!


~The heart of Guinevere’s attitude towards life is passion.   She is passionate about her role as a lover and she is passionate about her role as a Queen.    Early on, she is always well respected, only later is she deemed horrible for her role as an adulteress!    She can teach us to embrace our passions as we live our lives to the fullest.

Gift 4 LOVE

~The heart of romance is the heart of Guinevere’s tale, as she lives her life with her heart on her sleeve.   Her romance with Lancelot is one of the most iconic romances of all time.   Her name is synonymous with the idea of romantic love.   This energy of ultimate love is one that she can teach us to embrace!


~Guinevere has a deeply independent nature.   She is one that lives life by her own rules, which is what gets her into situations like her affair with Lancelot.   She can help us embrace independence within our own lives.   When we are independent we can carve out a path that is totally unique to us!


~Feminine Power is such an intrinsic part of Guinevere’s story.   It is the softer side of power, the ability to manipulate with her emotional and sexual allures.   But it is also the power of being kind and emotionally evolved.   She can teach us to enhance our Feminine Power to reach our fullest potential!


~This is possibly the most potent gift of Guinevere energy.   Sexuality is what Guinevere embraced in a passionate affair with Lancelot.   The ability to embrace the power of our own sexualities is one that is beyond empowering.   It is also one that involves a great deal of shadow work in order to get over the hangups that come with the sexual repression of society.   Once you feel comfortable fully embracing this energy of your unique sexuality, you are embracing the final gift of Guinevere energy!

~I hope you have enjoyed this post.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is a piece of Guinevere artwork.   I found the image on https://www.amazon.com/Guinevere-Maying-Illustration-1857-1926-Knights/dp/B07CG81MLX?th=1.

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