Aphrodite and Self-Love

For this week’s Femme Fatale Friday, I will be discussing an aspect of Aphrodite and her worship that is often overshadowed by her romantic parts.   That is the aspect of revering Aphrodite as a Goddess to help us love ourselves.   Aphrodite rules over all aspects of Love, which includes self-love, self-respect, and self-esteem!   So, that is what this post for Aphrodite April Femme Fatale Friday series will be focused on.

Love is the epitome of what Aphrodite is all about as a Goddess.   She is so empowering to work with as a Goddess of learning to love the self.    This can be as simple as a meditation to release your pain and trauma associated with self-worth.   It can also become more complicated.   You can cast spells involving enhancing your own self-esteem with the careful tutelage of Aphrodite and her energy!

Aphrodite is the embodiment of Venus’s energy.   The energy of the planet of love helps to rule over all of our relationships, including the relationship we have with ourselves!   We can learn so much from Aphrodite and her relationships with her famed lovers.   How she treated her lovers and her worshippers in the myths can tell a lot about how she would like us to treat ourselves and be treated in our relationships!    She was so loving to Adonis that she was broken by his loss when he was gored to death by a boar.   Aphrodite and Hermes had much fun partying together, possibly her best-suited affair ever!    

Aphrodite valued her worshippers that truly honored her values.   Such is true about Pygmalion, who was blessed by the Goddess due to his true desire to have a meaningful love bond.   She felt his helpless adoration of his statue and turned the statue into a human woman for Pygmalion to marry!   In addition to her treatment of her worshippers and lovers, we can look at how she protected her beloved children to see how she would like us to treat ourselves.    She left the Trojan War in order to save the life of her son Aeneas.   She tested her daughter-in-law Psyche when she hurt her son, Eros’s, feelings!   Even the way she would treat those that refused to worship her can become a lesson in self-esteem.   Aphrodite always punished those that disrespected her, showing that we should not take disrespect as we should respect ourselves!

In conclusion, Aphrodite would like us to be willing to show ourselves endless amounts of love.   She would like us to make life a party and celebrate all of the things that make us unique.   She would love us to show ourselves, love, by making the time to pamper ourselves and analyze what we need in romantic relationships.   She wants us to be willing to protect ourselves from people that do not deserve our love!   At least this is what I believe based on studying her myths.   I hope you have enjoyed this brief analysis of how Aphrodite can encourage us to love ourselves more.   How do you feel Aphrodite encourages self-love?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Note on Image: The image at the top of the post is some artwork I found of Aphrodite.   As it had a very Faery energy I chose it for this post!   I found the image on https://www.deviantart.com/mioree-art/art/Aphrodite-855218041.

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