My Top 7 Favorite Stevie Nicks Albums

For today’s post, I have decided to do a countdown of my seven favorite Stevie Nicks albums.   This list will include studio albums, official compilations, Fleetwood Mac albums during Stevie’s tenure in the band, and live albums.    I felt this was the fairest way to do a cross-section of my favorite albums by one of my all-time favorite artists!   I decided to do a top seven list because of its power as a Faery number, and because I could not keep it to five choices!   Without further ado, here’s the countdown.

Number 7: Trouble in Shangri-La

~This is the 2001 album, which was the first to be released in my memory.   Stevie Nicks did release an album in 1994, but as I was so young, I did not remember that release, I thoroughly remember my father buying a copy of this CD when it was first released.   It is a very fun addition to the canon of Stevie Nicks’s music!

Number 6: In Your Dreams

~This 2011 release gets huge bonus points from me for being an album with a song that is a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.    She even titled it “Annabel Lee” after his famous poem!    I really love the dreamy and atmospheric feel of this particular addition to her discography. 

Number 5: Wild Heart

~I really enjoy the imagery of this album with its focus on the wild nature of the soul.   I feel that it is very much an album that embraces the wild nature and heart of Faery and of werewolf tales!    I get a lot of appreciation out of the energy of this album.

Number 4: Live in Concert: The 24-Karat Gold Tour

~This is actually the album that inspired this list!   I just recently had the pleasure of purchasing the vinyl of this album and I was so delighted by getting to listen to this live performance.    I absolutely adored this album and its amazing live renditions of many of my favorite songs by Stevie Nicks!

Number 3: Rumours

~This is arguably the most famous Fleetwood Mac album of all time!   It is the album that was recorded when everyone in the band was going through breakups, including two within the band itself!   The whole of this album can be listened to as Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham speaking to one another through the lyrics.

Number 2: Crystal Visions—The Very Best of Stevie Nicks

~I love this album and it is a favorite to get a good overview of Stevie Nicks’s discography.   It has all of her most iconic songs on it, making it a perfect choice if you want to listen to all of the most important numbers without going from album to album.   It truly is the iconic ideal of what a best of album should be!

Number 1: Bella Donna

~No other album could top the debut solo album!   I just adore everything about this album, from its song choice to its artwork.    The name gets huge bonus points, as it is named after the poisonous plant, which can be used in small doses as a sleep aid.   This is actually the cause of death of Jimmy in Practical Magic (a film in which Stevie Nicks’s music is used widely) bringing this reference full circle!    

~I hope you have enjoyed this countdown.   What is your favorite Stevie Nicks album?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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