Aphrodite April

For this week’s Femme Fatale Friday, I will be discussing Aphrodite and what is known as Aphrodite April!   In the magical community, there is a tradition of celebrating the Goddess Aphrodite in the month of April especially.   This is rooted in the ancient rites that honored Aphrodite occurring in this month.   Even her Roman counterpart was honored in celebrations of the founding of Rome.

The month of April is actually named for Aphrodite, furthering this association being an ancient one!   In ancient Greek, the word for April is Aphros, literally the beginning of Aphrodite’s name.    This fact kind of makes April the birth month of Aphrodite, or at least a time that we can celebrate her beauty, sensuality, fertility, and grace as a Goddess.    Celebrating your own beauty and making sure that you have a massively pleasure-filled month is the best way to honor Aphrodite!    

After all, Aphrodite is a Goddess who not only revels in the sensual side of life, but she wants humans to do the same.    She loves seeing people embracing love and pleasure every day.   In this vein, this will be the first of four Femme Fatale Fridays that will be about Aphrodite in honor of Aphrodite April!   Friday was chosen as the day to discuss Aphrodite for her month because it is the day of the Love Goddesses.    Take some time this month to honor your inner Goddess by taking pleasure in performing beauty rituals, doing things that revel in the sensual, and taking time to really indulge in your sexual desires!    I hope that all of my readers will enjoy having three more posts that focus on Aphrodite this month.    Each one will focus on a unique aspect of this Great Goddess, just like this one is focused on why we celebrate her in April!    It makes sense from a mythic standpoint to have a love and fertility Goddess be the most celebrated Goddess of the month of April.   Spring is a time associated with the fertility of the land, but it is also associated with lovers of all sorts.    Having a sexy Spring fling in April, if you happen to be single, is a great way to show Aphrodite that you adore everything that she stands for!    

I hope you have enjoyed this short look at why Aphrodite is linked to the month of April.   What are your favorite things about Aphrodite?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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