The Tarot Spreads That I Swear By

For today’s post, I would like to go over the benefits of four of my top Tarot Spreads!    Each of these is offered on my Tarot and Oracle readings page, in case you would like to purchase a reading from me.    Without further ado, here are the four readings I swear by.

Celtic Cross

~The Celtic Cross spread is perhaps the most iconic of the traditional tarot spreads.   Celtic Cross is perfect to give a deep overall picture of a situation that cannot be seen with shorter readings.   This reading has ten cards total, or perhaps eleven if the reader and querent choose to have a significator.   I personally use the traditional ten-card spread for this reading!   As someone deeply enmeshed in the Celtic practice, Avalon, and Faery, this is a great spread to help myself and others I read for gaining a deep understanding of the area of life in question.    

Daily Tarot Companions

~This is a favorite daily spread for me.   I have been doing Daily Tarot Companions every day for myself for over two years.   I came by it via John and Caitlin Matthews’s Hallowquest for their Arthurian Tarot.    It is highly informative of what the day ahead looks like when performed in the morning, but is beneficial any time of day!   This can be performed with any Tarot deck, not just the Arthurian Tarot.   It has three cards, one representing the experience (that is the numbered card), a second is a guide (that is the court card that embodies your energy for the day), and a teacher card (that is the major arcana card that will teach you a lesson that day).

Past, Present, Future

~The classic three-card spread that gives you some simple insights into what in the past is influencing the current situation, your current present mindset, and the possible future outcome!    It is one of the most standard go-to readings that can easily be done daily to start your day with little insight.    

5 Card Spread

~Finally, the five-card spread is a slightly deeper spread than the two three-card spreads.   It can give a broader understanding of the situation at hand but is not as in-depth as the Celtic Cross in nature.    This is good when you need more information after a shorter reading, or to go deep into a very specific topic, as the information will not be as broad-reaching as a Celtic Cross! 

~I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on the usefulness of these amazing spreads.   Which is your favorite Tarot spread?    Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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