Unpopular Magical Opinions

For today’s post, I have decided to go over five opinions that I think could be unpopular in the magical community online.    I will not be ranking these opinions, so let’s get right into it!

Opinion 1: You should start by reading myths, legends, and primary sources about magic (like witch trial accounts), even before you read beginner’s magical texts.

~I think this is really an important thing for people who are getting invested in magic.    I began by reading Arthurian legends and Celtic myths (along with Greco-Roman mythology).    The fact that I began there gave me an innate understanding of how magic worked in the Celtic and Faery universe.    Fairytales and Faerylore made my understanding of the magic of the natural world to help bring it all together!   Finally, I have been studying the history of witch trials, beginning with Salem and going on to the Pendle and the Scottish trials, from a young age.   This gives me great respect for those that have come before me in the tradition.

Opinion 2: Tools are not NEEDED, but may be encouraged depending on your chosen path, especially if you begin taking magical classes.

~I highly believe that to begin with, you should get to know your own innate magic, via meditation and energy work, before getting tools.   Early on, my only tools were a tarot deck, crystals, herbs, and candles!   That is all that is really needed to deepen a practice.    However, as you move forward you may desire more tools, like me you may adore collecting them (I especially adore statuary).    I will also note that if you choose to take mystery tradition classes (which I do encourage to get mentorship in deepening your path, even as a solitary practitioner) you will need tools as explained by instructors.

Opinion 3: Trust your intuition before anyone else’s advice!

~No matter what anyone says, it is of the utmost importance to trust your own intuition when it comes to developing your unique path and magical practice.    As we each go about our time on our spiritual journeys, we can take time to feel into what is best for us.   I fully believe that we should trust our guts, instincts, and hearts more than the opinions of others!

Opinion 4: Your SIGNS will means things that are unique to YOU, so you need not ask others what a sign you have received means.

~All too often people will seek out advice on what a sign they have received means.   While it is a good thing to ask for guidance from people further along on their paths, the signs we receive are unique to us.    That is why I always suggest someone focus on how the sign made them feel, and their personal associations with what the sign was.    Signs are as individual as each of us!

Opinion 5: You do not NEED a Patron or Matron Deity, but be open to one should they call to you.

~Now, I realize not everyone of a magical persuasion will want to get involved in deity work, let alone find a patron.   I am here to tell you that you absolutely do NOT need a patron deity.   However, I want to be clear that oftentimes deities who are meant to be our patrons will come to us.   Therefore, it is good to keep an open mind to the possibility of having a deity relationship.    I personally find much in working with a matron goddess, but if it is something that makes you very uncomfortable, respectfully state that you are not looking for a deity relationship to said divine being.

~I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my five unpopular magical opinions.    Do you share any of these opinions?   What are your other unpopular opinions?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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