The Queen of Pentacles as Archetype

For today’s post, I will be discussing the Queen of Pentacles from Tarot in relation to her use as an archetype.   This is certainly very much related to my most recent archetype post on the Faery Herbalist Archetype.    The Queen of Pentacles is very simply the Queen who is associated with the Earth element and therefore also with monetary wealth.   Yet, she is so much more than that alone!

Queen of Pentacles is deeply related to the magical properties of sensual luxury and sexual pleasures.    She is the creatrix of her own universe who indulges in the sensual world with great delight.   She is Gaia’s Earth Mother energy and Aphrodite’s lover energy rolled into one.   This alchemical element of inspiration mixes with the Springtime abundance of a more Persephone archetype.    The Queen of Pentacles is both a Bride and a Lover who embodies the protective Mama Bear energy to take care of those that she loves!

I feel more connected to this particular Queen energy now that I am regularly working with my herb craft.    She has been reaching out to me more often day to day for the whole of 2023.    I know that this is what I was meant to do with my path more truly as I have been feeling into this innate path and Green Magick.    I have always been very connected to all of the Tarot Queens, along with The Empress and The High Priestess, but in the past, I felt more drawn to the Queen of Cups (as my Water Magick was more active).   Now I am more deeply connected to the earthy side of my nature.   This is the integration of my Virgo Sun and Moon, although earlier I always felt that this was so much less in tune with my personality.    The Leo Rising of my chart is more representative of my outward personality, giving me a fiery nature.    

I am so delighted that I have taken this step to more fully realize my dreams of being a certified herbalist so that I can one day own my very own apothecary!    This all relates to the igniting of my Faery blood and to the activating of my Queen of Pentacles side of my nature.   I hope that you have enjoyed this short look at the power of the Queen of Pentacles as an archetype.   Do you feel connected to her earthy sensual nature?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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