Celtic Tree Mysteries Book Review

For today’s post, I am very happy to be doing another book review of a book graciously given to me by Crossed Crow Books in order for me to review it here on White Rose of Avalon!   This is yet another great book that fits my reading taste, so I have to thank Crossed Crow Books for gifting me great reading material that is so aligned with my taste in books.

The book I am reviewing to today is Celtic Tree Mysteries by Steve Blamires.   This is a book that is deeply rooted in Celtic lore and history, examining the Celtic Tree Ogham.   The book is laid out in an interesting way, with part two having chapters that focus on one of each of the Oghams and examining how to use it in your practice and create a set of Ogham sticks of your own along the way.   Part one of the book had already covered much in terms of language and how the Tree Ogham and Tree Alphabet can be seen as a form of language and written communication.

As the book goes on it is easy to gain much understanding of the Celtic myth and lore while learning much about how Celtic Tree Ogham fits into the overall structure of Celtic belief, or what little we know of Celtic belief (more accurately).   I truly enjoyed the deep examination of Celtic language in relation to the Tree Ogham, as well as the information on connecting to the Ogham by actually getting to know each of the trees you are studying.   I found the book to be a fascinating tome that would be beneficial to any Celtic Witch, Green Witch, or Faery Witch!    As I am all three, this really suited me.   Oh, and it gets major bonus points for discussing Avalon in the chapter on the Apple tree.

I hope you have enjoyed this review.   Will you be picking up a copy of this delightful deep dive into Celtic Tree Magic?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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