The Faery Gift of Power

Welcome to day five of 7 Gifts of Faery Week at White Rose of Avalon!   For day five, I will be focusing on the gift of Faery known as Power.   This is the Faery Gift that I relate to the planet the Sun and therefore the day of the week Sunday, which is why I am covering it today!

One of my favorite ways to connect with the Faery Gift of Power that is ruled by the Sun, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the color Yellow, and empowered on Sundays is to do my daily morning yoga.   Sun salutations are one of the best forms of yoga flows and performing them on Sunday gives us an extra special connection to the Faery Gift of Power.   Through doing them we are honoring the Sun and warming the body, thus activating the Solar Plexus and tapping into our personal power!   Other ways to work with the Faery Gift of Power include a vigorous workout at the Gym, writing mantras to feel more grounded in our own Sovereignty, and reading books on increasing your magical abilities.

Meditating with Sovereignty Goddesses and Faery Queens is a powerful act on Sunday if you are desiring to tap into the Faery Gift of Power.   It is through the tales of these powerful figures that we can learn to more fully embrace our own innate gifts and feel more fully seated in our own Power!

Herbs connected to the Sun, and therefore this Faery Gift, include Calendula, Saint-John’s-Wort, Rosemary, Rue, and Blue Lotus.   My personal favorites to use are Rosemary and Blue Lotus.   I feel that Rosemary is essential for the Faery Witch looking to protect her home, herself, and her loved ones.   Blue Lotus helps us to expand our intuition and gain more knowledge during dream work!    Astral travel and dream work are essential tools for the Faery Witch looking to connect to the Realms of Fae!

I hope you have enjoyed this short post further explaining tactics to embrace the Faery Gift of Power.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Further Reading

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