The Faery Gift of Ancestry

Welcome to day four of 7 Gifts of Faery Week at White Rose of Avalon!   For day four, I will be focusing on the gift of Faery known as Ancestry.   I relate this Faery Gift to the planet Saturn and therefore the day of the week Saturday, which is why I am covering it today!   This is a concept directly linked to my post from Monday on Faery Ancestry.    Because the Faery Gift of Ancestry is all about connecting to our Ancestry in our own lineage, through the Ancestry of the land we live on, the Ancestry of our magical and religious traditions, and the Ancestry of our Faery connections.

In the case of those of us lucky enough to have genetic Faery lineage, this means that our ease of connection to this Gift is enhanced.    The fact that Saturday is ruled by Saturn means that it is a day of learning and we can learn so much when we communicate with our Ancestral energies.   It is an excellent time to make offerings to our Ancestors if you practice any form of Ancestral magic.   Mirror scrying can help us connect with our Ancestral spirits and the spirit of the land itself!

Ancestral work need not be connected directly to the Fae folk if you do not have Faery ancestry.   This can be as simple as looking at old family photos of loved ones who have passed away and ruminating on what they meant to you.    Visiting the graves of loved ones is also an important way of making that Ancestral connection.   If you do not live near the graves of your own Ancestors, another choice is to visit the Ancestors of your land, or the Ancestors of your profession, for instance, a writer visiting the graves of famous authors or a musician visiting the graves of Rock Stars to pay respect to those that came before.   The respect of those who have come before us is central to the Faery Gift of Ancestry!

The Chakra associated with this Faery Gift is the Root Chakra, as it is about us literally connecting to our own personal roots. That also means that this Faery Gift is linked to the color Red. That means that wearing Red on Saturdays would be a good way to further enhance the connection to this gift.

Herbs associated with Saturn, and therefore this Faery Gift, include Cannabis, Comfrey, Arnica, Mitragynia, and Horsetail.   The fact that so many of these have properties of calming the mind leads to the Gift of Ancestry requiring us to relinquish control to the spirits and calm the minds we are contacting!

I hope you have enjoyed this short post looking at how you can deepen your connection to this Faery Gift.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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