The Faery Gift of Love

Welcome to day three of 7 Gifts of Faery Week at White Rose of Avalon!   For day three, I will be focusing on the gift of Faery known as Love.   This is the Faery Gift that I relate to the planet Venus and therefore the day of the week Friday, which is why I am covering it today!   Of course, this is not your average Femme Fatale Friday, but it is this theme week’s version of it.   I will focus on Faery-related Love Goddesses though, so I find that this still counts!

Friday is ruled by the planet Venus, which we all remember as the planet of Love.   Venus brings this day a huge dose of romantic energy!   That easily links the day to Love Goddesses, especially Aphrodite, and Venus, but also Freya and even Celtic Love Goddesses like Aine.   Romantic love is not the only type of Love that is associated with this Faery Gift, in fact, one of the most important types of Love that we should focus on for Fridays is Self-Love!   The Faery Gift of Love is obviously related to the Heart Chakra and therefore the colors of Green and Pink.   Think about wearing these colors on Friday to add an extra Love-filled kick to the day’s energy!   On a side note, it should be easy today, as this is posted on St. Patrick’s Day (or as those of us living magical Faery lives call it All Snake’s Day).   In fact, I also view this day as a Goddess Day, rather than its focus on the saint, and I focus on that Love Goddess Aine.   So, I have brought it back to the topic.   Another important thing to note about Fridays is that the Faery folk are known to be extremely active on this day.   That is why I often refer to the day as Faery Friday!   The activity of Faery energy blesses the day with even more Love and I find communication with the Faery Queens to be extremely potent on this day of the week!

Herbs associated with Venus, and therefore this Faery Gift, include Damiana, Rose, Motherwort, Hibiscus, and Yarrow.    I find that Rose is the most essential of these herbs for my usage.   After all, I named my blog after this flower (as well as the Faery Isle of Avalon).    Rose is essential to anyone who wants to connect with Love Goddess energy, Faery Queens, and anyone who wants to learn to embrace some more Faery magick in their lives!

Ways to embrace the Faery Gift of Love include journalling about Self-Love, doing beauty treatments (which infuses more of the Aphrodite energy), leaving out offerings to your Fair Folk Friends, and meditating on Faery Queens.    I just adore using my meditation time to journey into Faerylands and spending time in the Faery Courts!   Fridays are generally a good time to visit my favorite Faery Queens, like Aine who is a Love Goddess, or Maeve who is known for her sexuality.   Even Blodeuwedd or Guinevere tap into Love Goddess energy, as they both have romance as a prime point in their tales!   I find tapping into the thinning of the Veil and the enhanced nature of the enchanted energies of Faery on Friday makes it much easier to gain a connection to the Faery magic that surrounds us every day.   Friday is also an excellent day to deepen your connection with your own Faery guide and guardians, who Love you.   Let them know that you Love them also, and let the Faery Queen Goddesses of Love know that they are Loved on this very special day!

I hope you have enjoyed this short post detailing ways of deepening your connection to the Faery Gift of Love.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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