The Faery Gift of Communion

Welcome to day two of 7 Gifts of Faery Week at White Rose of Avalon!   For day two, I will be focusing on the gift of Faery known as Communion.   This is the Faery Gift that I relate to the planet Jupiter and therefore the day of the week Thursday, which is why I am covering it today!

The Faery Gift of Communion is ruled by the Crown Chakra, making it connected to the colors of Violet (Purple) and White.    Purple connects this gift to both Divinity and Royal energies, while White connects this gift to Eternity and Purity of Intent!   Wearing either color on Thursday can help to tap into the innate energy of the day and of this gift.   Jupiter is the planet named for the Chief God amongst the Roman Pantheon, which makes its rulership over the Crown Chakra and the Faery Gift of Communion an understandable connection.

This makes Thursday a great day to focus on communing with the Divine through meditation and astral work.    This can be as simple as meditating on a God or Goddess you wish to build a relationship with.   If you want a deeper or more complex experience you can also do astral journey work, for instance, I find mirror scrying to be an excellent tool in astral projecting in the Realms of Faery.    Tarot and Oracle readings can also be utilized to communicate with a deity more easily!    Really you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to how you use this Faery Gift!

Herbs associated with Jupiter, and therefore with this Faery Gift, include Cordyceps, Reishi, Elder, Schisandra, and Echinacea.   Elder and Echinacea are especially vital to Faery magick because Elder is a Faery tree (as it is sometimes said that faeries live within the tree) and Echinacea is a powerful healing herb.  

I hope you have enjoyed this short post looking a bit deeper at how you can use the Faery Gift of Communion.   Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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